Inaugural Episode: CommUnity Conversations

WPAA-TV does not produced TV; rather we provided resources,training and technical support to citizen producers. The show Community Conversations has a new twist on the concept of production support. Each show is a collaborative production facilitated by Similar to productions historically done by trained citizen producers it is designed to represent the participants views and interests … Continue reading Inaugural Episode: CommUnity Conversations

Public Event TV: One Camera Shoot

Wallace Dam Fishway: Harry Haakonsen Dedication Video is complete.  I did not editorialize but I did edit the material presenting the nearly 2 hour event in 30 minutes, with a slight restructuring of the sequence of events.  I did give the project slightly more than one hour per minute of production attention. I enjoyed creating the lower … Continue reading Public Event TV: One Camera Shoot

RecipEtc for AGRItude

RecipEtc [res-uh-pees]: Several methods to attain success with ingredients, directions and knowledgeable variations AGRItude: A positive awareness and attitude about food and the systems that provide food.                               ~ ~ ~ 2012 Project: Develop a regularly scheduled community media program that provides timely, quality amplification of what at is already being done independently in the area … Continue reading RecipEtc for AGRItude

2012 — seeds of change

In 2009, a few of us experimented with format and crew development. We completed programs for 6 non-profit/community organizations. The intiative was then interrupted by the evolution of WPAA into a media center (new building/location); and the crew was distracted by the creation of studioW (which is now a Piece Theatre project) and general skills retooling. In … Continue reading 2012 — seeds of change

studioW 4 entries from year 1, otpg 2 from year 2

Our year has been more random than anticipated but given we supported events that on average were 3 hours long we did produce considerable content. We also have capture/LIVE programs that get post production attention to tell a fuller story and improve video quality. This Year we are taking our chances on the following in … Continue reading studioW 4 entries from year 1, otpg 2 from year 2

The series is over but the tasks are not

Our first Make a Difference in the Service of Others Series has concluded. One post-edit remains to be done (went out in the rain at lunch time to get a B-roll image). A few small PSAs still to be designed. And then there is the coordination of web viewable downloads with once their is … Continue reading The series is over but the tasks are not