Local news, public service announcements and excerpts from regular programs can be viewed starting at 5 and 6 pm weekdays and 6 pm Saturday.
We have a modest media-loop between video programs that includes: 

  • WPAA-TV Producer program announcements;
  • Basic information about on-going events or services;
  • While messages are playing you will hear music created and performed by local artists’ registered in our Be-The-Music Program.

    We support development of Public Service Videos.

    Here is a PSA done by the 2015 Summer Youth Employment Team with Voice-Over coaching by the late Don Meno

    This one was created by a College Intern lead Summer Youth Project. The youth called themselves WallyWorldProductions.

    This powerful PSA was created as an independent project by 2014 Summer Youth Employment Team Member Donte Stewart

    and organizational stories like this one created through the Wallingford Public Schools Capstone Project 2014

    and personal stories like this one done by Summer Youth Employment Team 2015