Can we help you Make TV? This is our reason for being. Once you make it and it plays on TV it is yours. You can share it on Social Media.
Do you need to get the word out on an event or about a organization? Our Community Message Loop graphics designed for TV can also be used by you in Social Media. We share them on Social Media as well.
Does your organization need a place to meet? You can reserve our community room. (Comfortable for up to 18 people.)
Do you have question about what we do? Would you like a tour of the studio? Group tours are welcome (all ages).
Are you in school? Do you want to do Community Service or complete a college Internship?

Tel: (203)294-9722

28 So Orchard Street
Wallingford CT 06492

Free Resources, 1st Come, 1st Serve to all in good standing.

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