Gratitude Moments – A big #theGreatGive2017 Thanks


Thank you to all who participated in #TheGreatGive2017 on behalf of Wallingford Public Access Association (WPAA). We count your contributions as a vote of confidence about the work that we do. For this we are grateful.

Wallingford Public Access Association, better known as WPAA-TV, is primarily funded by cable subscriber fees. These fees are used to help citizens make TV. All other services provided at WPAA need funds from other sources. Our video on demand, community collaborations, arts program and youth, intern and other-abilities training programs need funding from alternative sources. Performance and film initiatives do as well.

Fundraising is competitive

Funding nonprofits, especially second tier support organizations like us, is always challenging. We are not feeding, clothing, housing, counseling or helping as a provider of direct service. Our job is to help those front-line organizations tell you their story.  Even during the campaign WPAA promoted Wallingford nonprofits in social media posts in support of what they do because that is what we do.

During #TheGreatGive2017 nearly 500 organizations, all doing wonderful things, are concurrently asking for donations. It is a direct competition for limited funds from community donors. There are incentives and random prizes. These tools help mobilize donors. Many people make multiple contributions. There are many needs and much competition for your generosity.

Your contributions help us feel counted among the many.

On behalf of the community that we serve, thank-you.Your support makes our newest initiative, supporting local filmmakers, more viable.   To find out more about the current film in production join the public Facebook Group THE SPARROW FALLING.

Why a film-making initiative?

What can a Public Access station offer besides studio? When anyone can upload to the internet what is the value of one-to-many scheduled distribution of content as TV? WPAA’s leaders believe the ability to tell video stories is the skill-set we need to cultivate to remain relevant. With digital devices, including smart phones, being more ubiquitous we must find our niche.

How do we help make citizen-media content more meaningful?  Film just might be where we can bring building-community and free speech advocacy together. Documentaries and nonprofit appeals in member, donor and advocacy story may be the future of Community TV.

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