Community Media-Loop Announcement

For the following types of Announcements: Non-commercial community announcements of special, non-recurring events; Basic information about on-going events or services; Useful information that will make life safer, healthier, or more enjoyable; WPAA-TV Producer program announcements. For submit Digital Media Projects like slide presentation and photo-sharing call or write us with info on our Let Us Know Page.
  • Tell Us what is being announced: Event Name
  • The day date and times of the event. You can indicate "ongoing".
  • Where do you want TV Viewers to go?
  • How can the viewer get more information? The contact you want visible on the TV announcement: website, name and phone, social media hastags or pages.
  • Allowed: Purpose of event, supporters, rain dates. Not allowed: ticket prices, no mention raffles.
  • The person submitting content that will approve graphic. Name, organization name and Email
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.