Herein are Internet links to content eligible for redistribution as Government Access TV: Public Meetings, News and Affairs content produced by government or for government. For information about specific videos, please contact the related government agency.

WGTV Wallingford Government TV  Click HERE.
Gavel-to-gavel town meeting coverage is recorded by employees of the Town of Wallingford for later cablecast on WGTV Comcast Channel 20 and Frontier 99 (searchable by town/channel). The program schedule is available on the town website:  here.  For more information about this content call (203) 294-2199 or write

WPS-TV Wallingford Board of Education (BOE) Click HERE
WGTV provides some production resource support for Wallingford Schools (WPS) i.e. BOE Meetings held in the Town Council Chambers.

Other (State & National) Government Access TV  is redistributed on WPAA-TV Comcast Channel 18 and Frontier on 99 (searchable by town/channel) sourced from the following Internet or Online Channels. Primary sources are listed below.

CAP Responsibility
Excerpt of State of CT Docket establishing WPAA-TV’s role in providing Government Access TV in Wallingford as different than other communities in CT. This page is a furtherance of our commitment to the community’s access to content produced by or about government.