Public Meetings, News and Public Affairs content produced by government or for government can be Government Access TV content. Internet links to content eligible for redistribution as Government Access TV can be found on this page. For information about specific videos, please contact the related government agency.

WGTV Wallingford Government TV  Click HERE.
Gavel-to-gavel town meeting coverage is recorded for future cablecast by employees of the Town of Wallingford. Meetings can be viewed per a published program schedule on WGTV Comcast Channel 20 and Frontier 99 (searchable by town/channel). The program schedule is available on the town website:  here.  For more information about this content call (203) 294-2199 or write

WPS-TV Wallingford Board of Education (BOE) Click HERE
WGTV provides some production resource support for Wallingford Schools (WPS) i.e. BOE Meetings held in the Town Council Chambers.

Other (State & National) Government Access TV  is redistributed on WPAA-TV Comcast Channel 18 and Frontier on 99 (searchable by town/channel) sourced from the following Internet or Online Channels. Primary sources are listed below.

CAP Responsibility
Excerpt of State of CT Docket establishing WPAA-TV’s role in providing Government Access TV in Wallingford as different than other communities in CT. This page is a furtherance of our commitment to the community’s access to content produced by or about government.