Search Internet to find this page on how to watch WPAA-TV.

How you watch depends on how you get your video/TV content.

COMCAST Xfinity Channel 18 is listed as Local Programming in the TV Guide. You must reside in Wallingford to watch on WPAA on COMCAST.
WPAA on FRONTIER Channel 99 can be watched from anywhere in CT but it takes a few minutes to locate the town specific channel. First locate channel 99. Press okay. Scroll down to Wallingford Community TV. Press okay. Select WPAA.
Dish TV WPAA-TV is not available on Satellite TV.
INTERNET To watch at the same time as scheduled as TV  Click Here
Shows regularly streaming in HD are

  • New England Gospel Jubilee every other Monday 7:30 PM
  • Center Ring Thursdays at 7:30 PM

Click here to watch LIVE shows in HD as they happen. If HD viewing appears disabled you may need to update flash settings on your computer. Here is a link for a How to enable Flash.

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Looking for a show that already played as TV? YouTube is the place to watch shows made in StudioW at WPAA by local Producers

Thanks for watching shows made by, or shared for, the people of Wallingford, CT