When video content is so good you want others to see it; be a Guarantor. #GoodEnough2Share

A Guarantor is someone who

  • feels ‘certain’ content is good enough to share as community TV.
  • is willing to be publicly affiliated with such content.
  • takes responsibility for any local interest in content televised (comments/feedback).
  • helps promote the Watch TV schedule of the content.
  • is a resident or registered WPAA-TV User/Organization.

See the list of programs brought to Wallingford by your neighbors because it is #GoodEnough2Share.  Some content is shared seasonally including seasons of holidays and politics, others may be daily or weekly.

Atlas Of Truth About the Hizmet Movement ~ Riyad Lahnin
Bernie Sanders Town Halls ~ Sal DelGreco (discontinued 8/1/2016) Now Government TV
Book Lust with Nancy Pearl ~ Wallingford Public Library
Clean Energy the series ~ Ben Martin
Catholic Mass (Produced by Archdiocese of Burlington VT~ Georgian Lussier
Choice At Risk Documentaries ~ Mary Ellen Crawford
Democracy Now ~ Michael Spiteri
Deutsche Welle (DW) Global News in Spanish (Global, Europe, Arts, Technology) ~ Spanish Community of Wallingford (SCOW) & ION Bank
Deutsche Welle (DW) Global News in English ~ SCOW and ION Bank
Deutsche Welle (DW) Conflict Zone with Tim Sebastian ~ James Krupp
Deutsche Welle (DW) In Good Shape ~ Alida Cella, Concerts With Causes, Y-Programs
Do The Math – Climate Change ~ Ben Martin
Discovering Amateur Radio ~ Steve Allen
Elusitarian ~ Curt Huizenga  (ended per viewer commentary March 2017)
Emmy Award winning Folklorist ~ Craig Fishbein
Foundation For Drug Free Youth ~ Coalition For A Better Wallingford
Green Eco Warriors KidsTV ~ Ben Martin
Hillary Clinton Candidate for President ~ Mary Ellen Crawford
Holocaust Programs ~ Beth Israel Synagogue

The Locket: The story of one Jewish family living in Germany in the 1930s, and how some of the family escaped, while others stayed behind and were killed by the Nazis. Presented at the St. Louis International Film Festival, 2004. (Hidden Treasures, Scattered Seeds: Interviews with Holocaust survivors about how they hid cherished family items from the Nazis and recovered them after World War II.)

In The Fight ~ VFW #591 (Program discontinued by Army 06/2016)
Last Tracks a documentary about skiing and climate change from WOA Windsor VT  ~ Mike Brodinsky
NOFA VT Greenhouse and Hoophouse Veggies ~ John Turenne
Presiding Bishop-elect Michael Curry ~ St. Paul’s Episcopal Church
Seeds Of Death About GMOs ~ John Turenne
Syrian Art of War the artistic voice of Mohammad Hafez ~ Tommy O, James Krupp
Represent.Us a nonpartisan movement using Gil Fulbright – a satirical candidate to educate ~ Melissa Zuppardi-Bozzi
Road to Recovery ~ Jerry Sands
Small Factory Flicks Kids TV ~ Mansfield FamilyFactory-Flicks-Logo
Something You Believe In ~ Your Name Goes Here
Sudzin Country ~ Gary Termini
Talking About Movies ~ Noel Ramos
TheAfricanDream ~ Virginia Viglione
The Big Show (Cosmo – Bobo) ~ Tom Dacey
The Kamla Show ~ Meha Maniar
This Is America and The World ~ James Krupp
Epidemic ~ Coalition For a Better Wallingford
This Is Your Bible ~ Faith Marra
University of California Television (UCTV) ~ Rich Mavrogeanes
Will Work For Free ~ Larry Morgenstein