Who is Freeman P Quinn, 1st

Freeman P Quinn, 1st is the Free Speech Ambassador of WPAA-TV and Community Media Center. The slogan “Be Freeman” means to become digitally literate and be open to the opinion of others not to adopt or follow but to adjust your own knowing.

Freeman P Quinn is an amalgamation (as best can be managed by volunteers) of our diversity. Freeman’s Social Media presence is intended to be supportive of local community activities, uplifting to friends with Big Blue Hugs, a source of alternative media (of which WPAA – TV and Community Media Center is a part) especially those that exemplify style, innovation, and storytelling.

Freeman was named in 2008 through a community naming contest. S/he was originally merely a blue penguin suit and referred to as a blue chicken. Freeman is an idealized being not any one particular person such as the Executive Director of WPAA-TV. Even Facebook can tell the difference.

Anyone can Be Freeman
Anyone can Be Freeman

About Penguins: They are loyal community flightless birds. They co-parent, have excellent hearing and are not particularly fearful of humans but maybe should be.

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