Do you want an Internships designed around your goals?
[Not a Paid Position] We proudly share our intern list here.

Whether your interest is film-making, graphics, journalism, video-production or business we may have just what you need to meet your personal goals. We always identify the applicants’ skills level and development goals, or as we say “reel” interest before going forward together.
Each applicant is matched to a production team or project. Most of the work of WPAA-TV is done by volunteers.

WHEN: We try to support the applicant’s best time of day or evening availability. Most Interns work with us concurrently with other nonprofits, civic or performance projects. We will communicate with Interns via email.

Volunteer: An individual who provides a services which helps WPAA-TV
meet its goals: Board Members, unpaid Subject Matter Consultants,
Interns and participant on designated committees or teams.

High School: WPAA-TV is an approved Community Service placement for Wallingford High Schools.

College: Among the colleges that have officially placed interns with us:

  • Middlesex Community College – Humanities Division Programs
  • Quinnipiac University
  • Albertus Magnus College
  • Film & Television Sacred – Heart University Graduate Program
  • University of New Haven
  • Southern CT State University

Other Interns have participated but not for college credit.

This process is handled by your college advisor. You typically need to pay for college credits. This can be supported any semester or in the summer. Our staff holds graduate degrees required to supervise Interns. We also welcome college students who just want hands-on experience.

Interns are supervised by WPAA-TV staff even if approved to work with local producers. The supervisor has a Masters in e-media from Quinnipiac University.

Important: WPAA-TV Citizen Media Producers can not supervise Interns. No Producer can represent that they are qualified supervisors for any interns with approved placements at WPAA-TV.