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What We Do Together

Some stories never get old.
Some community stories never get old.

Together we are Community TV in Wallingford.

Join Us for Annual Make Holiday Greeting Events
Join us annually for ‘MakeTV Holiday Greetings’ .

Local Business supports our Outreach with discounts on merchandise.THANKS
THANK YOU to local businesses that help with discounts.

Often those who contribute to their community are overlooked or undervalued. Please recognize the many unsung contributions of WPAA. #TheGreatGive2019

What intern applicants are saying:

I am elated to be applying for the position of digital media assistant with WPAA-TV. This position interests me because of its flexibility and dedication to informing the community.  E.K. 2021

After talking with you and looking at your website, I see that your main goal is to teach citizens what you know about the media and to provide an open space to the public to create. I appreciate your dedication to transparency in the media, as I am a journalist who shares the same values of free, truthful speech. Your mission to allow people to create content in a supportive environment is a unique concept that I want to be a part of.

What volunteers are saying:

Thank you for the opportunity this summer. I learned a lot from you and I had fun doing it. It was the best internship out of the three I did this summer. NL 2018

It was a pleasure working with you guys at WPAA-TV. I enjoyed the years I worked there and I’m grateful for the kindness you guys have shown me. I would like to thank you for putting a kind word, I hope you guys at WPAA-TV are well and keep spreading love around. N.J. 2018

I appreciate and am grateful for such thoughtful answers, … I can’t say that enough. Volunteering at WPAA and learning from you has helped me tremendously. D.M. 2018

What producers are saying:

Bill and I really appreciated all the support we have received since 2015. The Take cohost 2020

Thank you so much for your donation on #GivingTuesday to Foundation of the Alliance for Community Media. You were one of the 40 donors.

Thanks for providing a home location for our traveling troupe. Connecticut Compass Theatre 2018

Thank you. …continuing gratitude and support. DTC 2018

Thank you for all that you do for the community. You were so gracious to tape … Wallingford350 Committee 2018

…appreciative that I can count on you for fervent support and good counsel. …for Wallingford’s future. J.L. 2017

We can not thank you enough for all the hard work and expertise with this project. Sincerely appreciated. Wallingford Rotary 2015

After 180 days of filming. Kool Award from the cast & crew of The Sparrow Falling  ~2017