Wallingford Public Access Association, Inc. (WPAA), as designated by the State of Connecticut utility regulators, is the Community Access Provider (CAP) for the town of Wallingford. WPAA is a (501-3(c)) nonprofit organization incorporated in Connecticut as a Public Charity. Our primary business is support for the creation and sharing of video content as hyper-local television. Hyper-local refers to Wallingford CT. We refer to our initiatives in Wallingford with hashtags including but not limited to  #YourTownYourStationYourVoice #wpaatv #MoreThanTV #BeTheMedia #AnyoneCanBeFreeman #TeamHercules WPAA is known as WPAA-TV and Community Media Center. The primary mission is Public Access TV.  Support of citizen media involves outreach, training & media distribution. Unlike other Public Access TV stations, WPAA is responsible for the distribution of Government and Educational Access Television not provided by other town access TV stations. As a result, viewers of WPAA will see news updates from Connecticut’s members of Congress, United Nations Stories, and content produced by federal or state governments.

WPAA-TV is funded, in large part, by subscriber fees. These fees are part of your cable TV bill. Cable & video providers currently serving Wallingford are Comcast and Frontier. Other income sources underwrite services that are not TV. We call this More.Than.TV. This includes Video Streaming; festival submissions, theater and film initiatives, social media, and partner projects. Annually, volunteers provide in-kind services approximating annual Cable fees: $90,000. The documents that provide transparency on our funding and operations can be found here.

What is community TV?

Here is the legalese:
The General Statutes of Connecticut (Conn. Gen. Stat.) §16-331a provides for “meaningful community access” as a component of multichannel video programming distributors’ (MVPD) service.  Community access is defined as non-commercial programming produced or sponsored by members of the community and made available in a MVPD’s (COMCAST and FRONTIER) service area as part of the operator’s basic service tier.  Community access encompasses Public, Educational and Governmental (PEG) access programming.  MVPDs are required to provide technical and managerial support pursuant to the Regulations of Connecticut State Agencies (Conn. Agencies Regs.) §16‑331a-11 and financial support in accordance with Conn. Gen. Stat. §16-331a(k).

As a giveGreater.org participant there is full public transparency on financials, policies and regulatory compliance.