• To operate a community-based media center inclusive of a television studio with community meeting, performance space and gallery
  • To provide (free or low cost) tools & stage to the public for creating and distributing media
  • To foster awareness of the First Amendment and Free Speech (with gratitude for the 14th Amendment)
  • To sustain Community Access TV resources on behalf of the people of Wallingford
  • To enable transparency in government; especially, locally and globally

WPAA-TV is your alternative to commercial media. Fundamental Community Access principles embedded in production and distribution policy are at the core of our First Amendment advocacy. These principles include but are not limited to:

  • Enabling informed Free Speech and transparency in government
  • Dissemination of diverse points-of-view
  • Sharing hyper-local stories
  • Fostering global awareness; and
  • Being an alternative to commercial media.


See how we are doing?  We maintain a full profile on giveGreater.org which is a public documents repository managed by the Greater New Haven Community Foundation.