Musicians with a Wallingford affiliation that write or produce music are the backdrop to local announcements on the community media-loop.

Even our music is local!  Play for us.

Be The Music

Music must be suitable for daytime use (no adult language), complement the concept of a public message board and be original/no copyright concerns.
Original music of local musicians plays concurrent with the Community Message Loop instead of a radio station. Local Musicians include individuals currently living in Wallingford, born here or who can establish a substantial relationship with the community (effective 2016, includes musical contributor to WPAA-TV content). Unlike TV submissions we do not guarantee every applying musician can be part of Be The Music. As with all programs, proper releases are required.

If you are interested in being heard on TV; look over the sample music release below; then stop by to get your tunes added to the iPod player.

I, (NAME of MUSIC CREATOR), hereby give to WPAA-TV a non-exclusive, unlimited license to broadcast in conjunction with any WPAA-TV programming any of the music on “NAME of MUSIC (CD collection or specific songs)”.
The duration of this license shall be one year. It will be renewable without notice by either party. In the event that I intend to rescind this license, I will give to WPAA-TV no less than 60 days’ notice of the intention to rescind with an explanation as to why I would rescind.

I do reserve the right to deny the right to certain members of the public from using my music in synchronization with their programming.

The agreement must be accompanied by confirmation of residency of music creator or confirmation of childhood residency with current family residents or active participation in music program produced at WPAA-TV or music business in town.

If release is submitted by email copying sample release text above please include the following:
This electronic notice serves to grant my permission to WPAA-TV and Community Media Center use of the music described herein (artist and title) on the Community Media Loop used to distribute local announcements with a random audio track concurrently playing: Permission attached or herein (as applicable).

You can find a Be The Music Release Form here.