More people in town know about the two-story tiger mural painted by #ARCY on our South Orchard St. building across from Center St. Cemetery, than what actually belongs to them, inside. WPAA-TV is inside. It is one of the Town of Wallingford’s three local television stations, the one operated by volunteers for use by the … Continue reading #MoreThanTV

PEGPETIA Purpose, Equity and Reasonableness

Testimony to PURA from WPAA-TV: In support of equity in service to our diverse communities about the method of funding for capital expenses associated with CT Community TV Equity and reasonableness within a system with embedded inequities are challenging and noble goals. In striving to achieve Goal #6 ‘applicant‐friendly and not unduly burdensome to the … Continue reading PEGPETIA Purpose, Equity and Reasonableness

Community Media Today, literally, Today?

The landscape of Cable TV is changing constantly. Entertainment services are piggybacking on the cable infrastructure. Consumers are cord‐cutting. There is a growing interest in video content and a vast array of points of distribution. And most recently for Public, Education, and Government TV (P.E.G.), there is a reinterpretation by the FCC of Federal Law … Continue reading Community Media Today, literally, Today?

Scoring low on Diversity bothers me …

As I reflect on my year with WPAA-TV, I open a large manila envelope that contains review comments about the 2016 Video Festival Reel which was edited to represent what made 2016 different during our year together. The reel was submitted with this description of 2016. We hope you enjoy your video visit to wpaa.tv … Continue reading Scoring low on Diversity bothers me …

2016 was More.Than.TV

We hope you enjoy a video-visit to wpaa.tv as you view our compilation reel: More.Than.TV about our 2016 year in community media. More.Than.TV emerged in an ‘ha-ha’ moment during a strategic planning session. Our Board realized “what we wanted to be” “greater than TV” was implied in the newly adopted logo. The logo is a play-button between the acronym WPAA … Continue reading 2016 was More.Than.TV

CommunityTV, ACM and Public Policy

Community TV is regulated via public policy yet this does not mean it is the same from community to community. Your Town, Your Station for communities the size of Wallingford can be up to a half-million dollar yearly enterprises with 4 to 9 paid staff (Massachusetts and Rhode Island); or all-volunteer efforts on a barely sustainable … Continue reading CommunityTV, ACM and Public Policy

More Than an Name Change – More Than TV

What does it mean for a community television station to be MORE THAN TV? Ah, so many things. Many viewers think WPAA are call letters. In 2016 WPAA got new branding: WPAA followed by a ‘play button” and the word TV. Written in text this becomes WPAA > TV. In a nearly simultaneous ha ha moment … Continue reading More Than an Name Change – More Than TV

What are your filters?

How do you listen? What is in the media you select? Are you open to discovery, conversation and engagement to be better informed or have you set our own filters to tune into those you have decided to trust or causes you decided to care about. Are you ignoring, distrusting or growing more unaware? The … Continue reading What are your filters?

Community Collaboration: Includes Business

As a corporate entity Wallingford Public Access, Inc. is dedicated to providing all manner of support for the creation and distribution of noncommercial community media.  However noncommercial doesn’t mean there is a black-out on the use of ‘Community TV’ resources by business. The no-can-do is literally no commercials: Video with calls to action for sales … Continue reading Community Collaboration: Includes Business