CommUnity #W06492

Community grows from knowing we are alive not for ourselves but for one another. The fruit of such knowing is a capacity to make the interests of others more important than one’s own. The CommUnity Conversations initiative was built on this idea.Thanks to the informing Contributors:  Chris Porter of Porter Financial Strategies with JP Venoit CEO … Continue reading CommUnity #W06492

What are your filters?

How do you listen? What is in the media you select? Are you open to discovery, conversation and engagement to be better informed or have you set our own filters to tune into those you have decided to trust or causes you decided to care about. Are you ignoring, distrusting or growing more unaware? The … Continue reading What are your filters?

Why choose symbols to express yourself

Free Speech: Symbolic protest against injustice and name calling of those that protest injustice. All lawful. If you want to be heard or make-a-difference you choose your platform and symbols and take action with the courage because there will be haters that will try to take you down, obliterate your message and derail your purpose. … Continue reading Why choose symbols to express yourself

Community Collabortation

Does every idea need to be nurtured? Does every cause need brick & mortar? Does every suffering need a solution without regard for duration of effect? Can outcomes be made better even within compromise? Is engagement of diverse voices beneficial? How do you define diversity? No. No. No. Yes.Yes. Age, gender, economics, culture, ability, experience. … Continue reading Community Collabortation

Vision: Community – More than TV

Early advocates of community media enthusiastically believed that exposure to stories in conversation could create a more informed and connected community. The effort required to produce the stories three four decades ago was tremendous. Good stories still require a concerted effort to research and produce. What has changed? Initially the expectation of quality was in the conversation itself not … Continue reading Vision: Community – More than TV

a society of insulated subcultures

We are a society of insulated subcultures. The role of money & media in elections helps establish why alternative media is needed. How do you find trusted sources of news? Do you follow one silo of opinions/editorials/commentary? Are you old enough to remember how radio or TV 1st influenced you, your ideas and opinions? Where … Continue reading a society of insulated subcultures

Put the story first

The biggest challenge to effective citizen media is not the technology or lack of funds and/or public support. It is ego. The hosts, talent and crew that put the story 1st, succeed. Storytelling is the original social medium for humans. At its best it is emotional and creates personal value. It is in our DNA. You are not … Continue reading Put the story first

Contributor Bradford May: Our Sincere Thanks

Our community lost a protector, agitator and contributor on Feb. 27th. What we at WPAA-TV will miss most is his authentic interest in the principles of democracy, love of country and desire to serve for the greater good. During Donald Robert Kennedy Mayoral Candidacy he became aware of what we do at WPAA – TV and Community … Continue reading Contributor Bradford May: Our Sincere Thanks

Sincerity and integrity are hallmarks of service: Let Us Celebrated

Behind every phrase of service is a powerful story. “How can I be of help?” she asked, “I have a good idea,” he said, You have a story to share. “Yes we can.” “We’ll do it together,” they offered. “We’ll be right here until it’s done.” “Let’s do it this way, its more fun!” “It’s … Continue reading Sincerity and integrity are hallmarks of service: Let Us Celebrated