Out of the Dark: Looking at Mental Health through practiced eyes

By Garrett Amill Mental health issues are still stigmatized. Addiction, PTSD, and more are rarely understood, let alone talked about. Out of the Dark takes a shot at addressing these complicated issues. It succeeds at shedding light on them through frank discussion. The hosts, Jane Buckley and Joan Landino, are twins. Despite looking nearly identical, … Continue reading Out of the Dark: Looking at Mental Health through practiced eyes

Citizen Mike: a service to the town and a lot of fun

By Garrett Amill The most important part of government can be smaller than you think. Local politics often have just as much of an impact on life in a town as state politics do, or even federal. There can be a dearth of information about local politics, however. Citizen Mike acts to fill a gap … Continue reading Citizen Mike: a service to the town and a lot of fun

Midlife Matters: Cozy, yet full of wit

By Garrett Amill I never thought I’d care about the art of Ukrainian egg dying. Hearing it discussed on Midlife Matters, however, my attention was nowhere else. Midlife Matters manages to make topics I’d never heard of interesting. The host, Georgian Lussier, brings a calming presence to each show. From the owl sounds that play … Continue reading Midlife Matters: Cozy, yet full of wit

What shows are on Community TV?

I get asked, “What kind of content gets shown on Community TV?” The answer is “Whatever walks in the door.” So, what does walk in the door? People walk in. And truth be told, it is always people with agendas. Fortunately, agendas are as diverse as our community. Sometimes they come with a DVD or … Continue reading What shows are on Community TV?

More than TV – Make Movies

If you are a filmmaker and want to know more about opportunities at WPAA-TV check out the guidelines at Film Initiative at studioW.  Or consider participating in our 3-minute movie challenges throughout the year. 3-Minute Movie Challenge The program More.Than.TV Make Movies is now three times a year. It includes underwriting qualifying films for festivals. … Continue reading More than TV – Make Movies

The flavor: Citizen Media

Citizen Media is not Public Affairs Programming but can be done in the interest of the public. Citizen Media is often a blend of authentic and quirky or maybe even ‘raw’ story.  Within its content you might notice opinions, ideas, and dreams. It can be coverage of an event, talking heads or a local news … Continue reading The flavor: Citizen Media

Put the story first

The biggest challenge to effective citizen media is not the technology or lack of funds and/or public support. It is ego. The hosts, talent and crew that put the story 1st, succeed. Storytelling is the original social medium for humans. At its best it is emotional and creates personal value. It is in our DNA. You are not … Continue reading Put the story first

Sorry for (Y)our Loss #W06492

Last weekend the community lost two producers: One had just a planning meeting and a few ideas to sort through as she wanted to involve young people; the other five weeks in to his own project sharing stories & tips gleaned from his 55 years in radio. Rachel dropped in to ‘check the place out’. She recently … Continue reading Sorry for (Y)our Loss #W06492

RecipEtc for AGRItude

RecipEtc [res-uh-pees]: Several methods to attain success with ingredients, directions and knowledgeable variations AGRItude: A positive awareness and attitude about food and the systems that provide food.                               ~ ~ ~ 2012 Project: Develop a regularly scheduled community media program that provides timely, quality amplification of what at is already being done independently in the area … Continue reading RecipEtc for AGRItude