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Guidelines: Use of WPAA-TV Tools & Stage

Protocol COVID-19 | June 2021 Update

Full reopen continues to be dependent on the overall health status of the community. By June 1st all staff will be vaccinated. Masking for close proximity work is still encouraged to maximize safety, and minimize risk to our limited resources. Remote resources are available to all.


For the 2nd quarter 2021 studio use will remain limited. Vaccinations (or recent covid within past 4 months) is required for studio use by adults effective June 1st. Adults can be accompanied by young family members at their discretion.

As it was before Covid-19, all shows require a Program Plan: Show Name, graphics and audio preparation in advance of studio scheduling. The plan should include how many participants are part of each segment and the anticipated show duration in minutes.

All tools and stages including Podcast | Mac studio are available by app’t confirmed via email

Community Spaces (with Wi-Fi and chromecast): use by groups of 6 or less with same criteria as studio use.

Guideline Use Criteria

  • To balance service and health and comply with guidance derived from science and best practices in our state and industry.
  • To be intentional & clear in proceeding with community users.