Inaugural – VideoCast March 10

What better day to start a TV show about bringing sunshine to local topics of interest than the day after we loose an hour of sleep in preservation of daylight. On the Parade Ground is planned to be a forum for gathering knowledge about topics of public interest.

Callers will be encourage to share their knowledge, brainstorm ideas, and suggest if/then scenarios.The program will be facilitated by a resident of Wallingford. On the Parade Ground facilitator and crew will try to synthesize the topic in TV shorts that will run on WPAA’s Bulletin Board. The discussion will hopefully build on each other. One topic may lead to the another On the Parade Ground theme.

This is not intended to be an opinion program it intended to be an informing program. Citizens can have expert knowledge or stories that can help to identify things that are good and should be preserved, things that are hurting and can be modified or uplifted or things that need to be eradicated. The programs first topic will be about the Parade Ground itself and the building on the Parade Ground identified for both restoration and demolition.

The telephone lines will open at 7:35 PM. Callers will have 2 minutes if the phone lines are busy. Longer if the finds the information truly ‘informing’. The program is scheduled for 30 minutes.On the Parade Ground is intended to be public discourse TV. Come by the station call in: 203 294-9722 Join us if you have an informing story to share or insightful facts. For those with strong opinions on the topics – use this blog. Join us on Monday at 7:30 PM On the Parade Ground…Cable 18 in Wallingford to discuss just what a parade ground is anyway!!!

WPAA Community Building Team

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One thought on “Inaugural – VideoCast March 10

  1. Richard Mavrogeanes, of Vbrick, Denis R.Ouimette, AIA, Susan Huizenga, CACSCC with host an Houston, playwright discuss the history and symbolism of the Parade Ground. A planned space were once the public would be fined for not attending the Town Meeting, to industrialist homes made personal & public in their grand scale and turn-of-the-century styling. And the innkeeper of Wallingford calling to share just how difficult it is to find details from the period about the architecture of Wallingford. All in all a good 1st showing.

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