Scheduling – additional times next week

Relay for Life is happening next weekend (may 21-22) so we reran their show last week and have added 3 showings to the schedule: Tuesday at 7:30, Thursday at 8:30 and Friday at 4:00. For More information on the event: go here.

Some of the OnTheParadeGround crew will be stopping by the evening of May 21st after the Fireworks Dinner and before more renovation work Saturday morning at 28 So. Orchard on the new home for

Last weeks program featuring the facilitators of the Stroke Support Group at Gaylord is scheduled to play Wednesday at 1:30 and Saturday at 5:30. More showings will be planned for June and throughout the year to let folks know that Gaylord Hospital does provide support groups for the community, at no charge.

This week we learn about what it means to be a Rotarian. The pictures suggest team work in the service of others. Join us live May 17th at 7:30 On The Parade Ground. Join us by phone at 203-265-6310.

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