Formerly, on this page you could provide information for an announcement to be placed on TV.  This service is discontinued effective 7.1.2018. There are more effective ways to share event notices within our community.

Bulletin Board
Times are changing and so are we

Organizations with a regular schedule of events can sign up with and get added to the 06492 zip code. They will take a feed from either your FaceBook Events or a website calendar. This resource will send emails to people who sign-up and follow you.

Criteria for Graphic Support for Social Media

  1. We must have volunteer resources available at time of request. This varies. No guarantee. The earlier the notice the increased likelihood we can help.
  2. Must be a civic group or small nonprofit organization without public relations staff.
  3. Must be responsible for sharing and promoting the graphic made on social media. We will share with our followers but will not promote to other groups or forum as we can not be responsible for the communications the post may encourage.
  4. Graphics will include a “Produced as a service of WPAA-TV.”