The flavor: Citizen Media

Citizen Media is not Public Affairs Programming but can be done in the interest of the public. Citizen Media is often a blend of authentic and quirky or maybe even ‘raw’ story.  Within its content you might notice opinions, ideas, and dreams. It can be coverage of an event, talking heads or a local news clip; but the perspective of the Producer influences what is produced. Within Community TV this is traditionally Public Access.

Public Affairs is different. It is coverage of events, usually speakers, or gavel-to-gavel meetings. It can be talking heads, interviews drafted to present the perspective of an agency as interpreted by current leadership. Within Community TV this is traditionally Government and sometimes Education Access.

In Wallingford the public library recently expanded its services with the opening of #Collaboratory. The following video productions exemplify how this story is shared within these to forms of community media.

Same story: Citizen Producer Version    Public Affairs Version
#Collaboratory at WPL

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