Youth Mentor Opportunity

Grant Funded:

The Youth Leader-Tech role is 6 to 10 hours a week. The schedule is tied to after-school support with local youth organizations. A goal is to also build our own drop-in program for youth middle school to community college.

For seven weeks in the summer the work hours increase to 19- 21 hours Typically afternoons. WPAA-TV host a summer work program with 6 to 12 economically or socially disadvantaged high school youth who are doing OJT in film and TV. 

This position provides 1 on 1 support for video capture and editing. 

We prefer individuals that live in, or near, Wallingford. Experience working in a collaborative environment is a plus. Individuals highly motivated to help others succeed also a plus.

There will be a film and story coach as part of the team. The youth leaders will do hands-on one-2-one support for teens in the workforce program.

The participants identify projects to do collaboratively and independently.  

Here is an excerpt with the story coach this summer:  The beginning of our annual report features work done by the youth. It also features  a QU intern who hosted the Making It Artisan $tories TV Show.

If interested: Send a letter of inquiry to with a resume and statement as to what appeals to you about this opportunity.

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