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Watch on TV: Comcast 18 or Frontier 99
PROUD.  Winner of Overall Excellence Award for Budget under 100K from Alliance for Community Media North East two years running 2013 and 2014.


Put yourself on the map.

Your ideas, passions , VOICE.
Your ideas, passions , VOICE.

Corporate Purpose: All manner of support for the creation and distribution of noncommercial community media and fulfillment of responsibilities within related designations associated with managing sufficient resources inclusive of cable access channel(s) to facilitate meaningful community access within the community of Wallingford,CT.  #W06492

Watch LIVE TV as it happens here in HD including Center Ring Thursdays at 7:30 PM and New England Gospel Jubilee every other Monday 7:30 PM. Thanks for Watching.

Television Channels by Provider

18 Comcast serving Wallingford
99 Frontier state-wide (press okay then scroll down to Wallingford Community TV (press okay), then select WPAA

Local programs are featured in prime time. At 6 PM and most weekdays at 5 PM local short videos play including Together In Style, Story of the Week and Midlife Matters and PSAs about local nonprofits as well as your Holiday Messages from October to New Years.

Educational programs for life-long learners is scheduled from 5 to 8 AM weekdays and until noon on Saturday. You will discover many new things with curated content from independent producers, Kahn Academy, National Science Foundation, NASA and more.

For what is playing check out the schedule below. If you want to find the play time for a show enter all or part of the name in search. For example search the word holiday to find the holiday messages.


From art in the gallery to performance in studioW, our Blackbox theater space, media arts is part of the ethos. The first floor Community Room is a comfy collaboration space with a Chromecast enabled 70 inch SmartTV. The Green Room welcomes audience members for performances.  Seating up to 50.

The facility is available for arts initiatives on a 1st come, 1st serve reservation basis. No fees. No commercial use.

Be a Citizen Media Producer

Local Producers develop much of the Program Content distributed by WPAA-TV. Producers of Community Access TV retain all rights to their Program Content, which is produced content that has met condition of first distribution. They accept responsibility for production expenses, crew formation, program planning, media production and content. They also accept all liabilities if content disputes arise. Producers are responsible for their crew, talent and guests and all disclosures and releases. Producers are eligible for production support from WPAA-TV staff. However, they are expected to make an effort to learn basic production skills, develop crews, respect the rights of other Users, and follow operational protocol in all communications.

ROAR1st Youth Engagement Initiatives

FirstAmendmentConstitution-ROAR1st: a youth work & service program with Real Opportunities for Advancing 1st Amendment Rights

Youth Engagement Initiatives
Youth Engagement Initiatives

Who can participate? 

  • Youth Ages 16 to 19
  • Required: Prior participation in summer program or special project experience at WPAA-TV.
  • Demonstrated ability to use and readily learn digital media skills
  • IMPORTANT: good social skills

Paid 20 hours a month (minimum wage) concurrent with 10 hours of Community Service per month up to 30 hours.
Assignments vary from covering public events as crew, editing or supporting nonprofits with PSA development.

First Amendment US Constitution
Declare your support for Free Speech #FREEDOMSPEAKS

Daily inspiration from Dogooder: Changing the World One Video at a time.

Curated lessons scooped by Freeman and shared in this FaceBook Group #W06492 Be The Media.

Team Hercules

Do you believe in the power of art & new media to solve problems, unite communities and tell informing stories. If YES, join the Hercules Team as a Contributor.

Our metaphorical symbol of empowerment for those journeying with us on adventures in citizen media, digital and public art is HERCULES: Join Us.

During three days in May 2015 local artist Ryan “ARCY” Christenson painted a photo-realistic much-bigger-than-life mural of a tiger on the north side of the 28 South Orchard St home of WPAA-TV.  Later in 2015 through a Name the Tiger Contest the mural tiger became HERCULES a name submitted by a member of Most Holy Trinity Church. The name Hercules won because it represents heroic transformative stories that feature a flawed character who finds resources for wisdom, endures misunderstanding and experiences an empowering wild journey to personal freedom.

The original Hercules is a multifaceted hero-figure from Greek Mythology with contradictory characteristics. He was the defender of his birthplace who was famous for his strength, numerous far-ranging adventures and his virtuous struggle and suffering. Terrible things happened to him because of a hatred that he was not responsible for. Through-out his journey he learned to redirect his immense anger and rage into eradicating rather than wreaking evil. Hercules learned that noble blood, physical strength, and political power aren’t enough and patience, fortitude and endurance are heroic and transformative.

What we all need is the spirit of Ubuntu: Humanity towards others.