From art in the gallery to performance in studioW ‘media arts’ is part of our ethos.

Teen Tiger TV

Opportunities for Youth after school and summer! Youth-led Media Mingles


Moses Yale Beach | His Time and Ours.


Tours and events: Fun for Everyone.

Literacy Initiatives

BE The Media | Tips on Many Media Maker Topics


SocialActionArt Gallery helping our food & housing-insecure neighbors

As Told Here | Podcast

TV stories remaster for alternative listening.

Public Media Stories

Hands-on information and civic literacy projects.

If you missed it!

In 2020, when ‘live’ music venues shut down, we hosted the CT Musician Series Fire Escape Sessions. Here is the playlist of this award-winning performance series on our YouTube Channel.

An award-winning Community TV station with media programs for youth, nonprofits, filmmakers, and ACTORvists.

WPAA-TV and Community Media Center