An award winning Community TV station with media programs for youth, nonprofits, filmmakers and ACTORvists.

From art in the gallery to performance in studioW, our Blackbox theater space, media arts is part of the ethos. The first floor Community Room is a comfy collaboration space with a Chromecast enabled 70 inch SmartTV. The Green Room welcomes audience members for performances.  Seating up to 50.

WPAA-TV is more than TV. WPAA support the courageous exchange of ideas to cultivates community engagement by providing a space and resources (tools and stage) for making a range of citizen media including TV, film and performance arts. No charge. Hyper-local. Noncommercial. All ages. All persons. Some programs are on a 1st come, 1st serve reservation basis.

Technology and Humanity
Technology to Connect Us as a Community: Informing, Listening, Discovering