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Explore the program schedule below. Use the scroll bar to see the rest of the day or use the calendar to select a different day. Missed something, if scheduled again, the next play time shows on the right. Use the keyword search for your favorite show.
You can watch us on cable TV, the Internet, and more.
  • Comcast in Wallingford (Channel 18/1070)
  • Frontier viewers across CT (Channel 6091)
  • HD on the Internet at the same time as TV (24 x 7 simulcast) | HERE
  • Roku including HD (search WPAA)

Local programs made with WPAA-TV resources can be seen on @WpaaTV YouTube here or on our local producers’ YouTube channels

The plan represents intent. The scrollable schedule has the actual programs in the cablecast scheduler.


We are citizens teaching other citizens what we know about the media.

Our depth of knowledge and capabilities depends on volunteers. Join Us.

Freeman P Quinn, 1st Free Speech Ambassador

Frequently Asked Questions. Click for answers.

Is residency in Wallingford a requirement to use WPAA-TV?

Residency gives prospective Users priority. Users can be Media Producers in No. Branford, No. Haven, East Haven, Madison, Guilford, Branford, a representative of nonprofits providing services to an area that includes Wallingford, Individuals that own businesses in Wallingford, Individuals employed by businesses that do business in Wallingford (i.e. State of CT), CT college students, CT Filmmakers, Members of organizations that we host such as theater companies

Who decides what is played?

The community members that choose to use the channel determine what is played on it. Their interests are handled on a 1st come, 1st serve basis. There is no content approval process. Individuals with copyright permission, as the creator, or with permission of the creator(s) decide what is played.

Can I get a copy of something I watched?

The content belongs to the producers. We can provide your contact information to them if the content was made locally.

Is there a fee? Do you rent space? equipment?

No. Meeting rooms are free to use. Use of tools & stage is handled 1st come, 1st serve via reservations at reserve@wpaa.tv Make TV requirements are here. But there are many ways to use the space. There is no limit on the number of uses. When the station, or portion thereof, is available is determined on a project-by-project basis. The facility is most often open between 11 AM to 9 PM.  Availability can be worked out for any day of the week for approved use.

Can you cover our event?

No. We are not a media company. We can give you tools to cover your own event.

Can you post our event flyer?

Since July 2018, we distribute videos only. We do not maintain a community bulletin board. If your organization follows us on social media we will follow you and help get the word out that way. We do not have enough foot traffic for flyers to be posted in the building. We can help you make a 15-seconds, or more video, that can be shared on TV.

When will ‘___’ town event be on WPAA-TV?

Town events are covered by your tax-funded channel, WGTV, if event coverage has been approved by the Mayor. Information about WGTV’s schedule is on the town’s website

How do I become a member?

We are not a member organization. We do welcome grassroots contributions. Here is a 1-minute video story about getting involved.