Shows in this playlist include MidLife Matters, Out of the Dark, Progressive Talk, and Groundwork. The most popular download is Episode 1 Judith Altmann, Holocaust Survivor with Georgian Lussier MidLife Matters WPAA-TV

The most frequently downloaded series is produced by Central CT Intergroup.

If you want an enjoyable, remote community service opportunity send an email query to Freeman for an assignment.

We want to encourage people to listen to our first podcast, a  holocaust survivor story. It is a 55 minute listen. Help Judith reach her goal of sharing her story 100,000 times. Listening can be 2 hr of Community Service if you submit a reflection.

A reflection refers directly to the podcast by name and include “I” statements.
It should be something you are proud to have your name attached to.

How did listening make you feel. If you were aware of holocaust, did this personal story change your understanding. If unfamiliar, do you believe hearing such a story was important to your understanding of ‘anything’?