How to begin? Send an email query to Freeman with your idea. Be aware, that if you call us first, we will ask you to follow up with an email with your contact information and interests.


Stories are human’s best tool for making a difference in our world.

As a volunteer-run organization, nearly everything we do is fueled by volunteers. Most WPAA-TV volunteers believe in creating and sharing in the public interest. Student citizen media makers are eligible for community service credit. What does not qualify as community service worthy of credit?  A few things. Opinion-only or ‘all about me” content does not provide a service for credit. Making a horror movie does not count either. That said, “The opportunities are endless.”

A forever gift to the world of young readers: 6000 Books

Team Hercules Youth lead the way. Lend your voice, learn to edit video.

The feature project is creating video versions of the United Nations 6000 Stories. 6000 Books  There are multilingual opportunities.

Youth participants will be trained to be effective readers and basic video editing.
This initiative is eligible for community services after the 1st session of training.

Also a good option for scout troops or other youth clubs.

Helping Judith: Reaching Thousands of Listeners

Listen to this holocaust survivor story. It is a 55 minute listen. Write a reflection about what you learned and how you felt from your listening experience. We use reflections to promote listening to this story by others. Judith will be glad you did. A listen and short comment proving that you listened is 1 hour of HS community service credit. A useable reflection is more credit.
Judith has a goal of 100,000 youth listeners. Judith is in her 90s. Before recording this conversation she had spoken to 70,000 youth. We are helping with the TV and podcast versions of her story. Why is this community service? You can tell us in your reflection.

As Told Her Podcasts: Chaptering

Chaptering our podcast was done remotely during the pandemic. You know how chapters help you know what is in a book. It is the same in a podcast. It also helps the listener go back to important sections.  Chaptering remains a remote service option. You must be a good listener and proofread your work. 

Video Production: A 3-Minute Movie or Make TV

Check out the ongoing 3-Minute Movie opportunity. Producing a short movie can take between 3 – 30 hours. It is an excellent way to complete a high school capstone project. If your project is for credit, you must log your tasks & hours. Register here. Tell us it is for Community Service. Check out this community service movie created by Team Hercules 2021.

Make TV:  Organize a talent show or poetry slam. Interview someone who has a great story. Express – Show – Perform. Producing TV can take between 2 and 20 hours. Did you make your show’s graphics? Did you do a promotion?

re-Make TV: Reproduce a video recorded by a community organization. Help turn an ‘as it happened’ recording into a ‘concise evergreen’ video production. Many of the videos captured on live calls, or in hybrid meetings, include content specific to the event ‘as it happens’, technical glitch interruptions, presentations with hums, thought words, and extraneous mentions by the presenter(s). Reproduction is time-consuming. Three to four hours can easily be spent to ‘reproduce’ a 30-minute segment. Some assignments can be done remotely with our WeVideo tool. These assignments are for youth with a serious interest in digital media.

Find the current initiatives here.  Reach out to us at Freeman@wpaatv  We will come up with a plan based on your skills, and current request to us for help. There is always a way to be the ‘I” in service.

There are several tips about being better at determining Fact from Fake, video production, and even essay writing. Updates happen regularly in our #BeTheMedia Facebook Group here.

Join us as a volunteer for High School Community Service, College Internships, or just plain fun in retirement. Volunteering has no age limit.

6-week summer skill-building work opportunity (paid per workforce alliance eligibility.)