How to begin? Send an email query to Freeman with your idea.

WPAA-TV is a volunteer run organization. Nearly everything we do is fueled by volunteers. Some citizen media makers are eligible for community service credit. What does not qualify as community service worthy of credit? Two things. Opinion or ‘all about me” content. That said, “The opportunities are endless.”

Stories are humans best tool for making a difference in our world.

Here are a few things that citizen media makers can do: Video-report on an event. Produce the reading and illustration of children’s story. Participate in any of our ongoing projects. The volunteers at WPAA-TV believe in creating and sharing in the public interest.

Join us as a volunteer for High School Community Service, College Internships, or just plain fun in retirement. Volunteering has no age limit.

An example: This holocaust story was shared as TV then converted to podcast. The storyteller wants to reach 100,000 youth. Can you be among the youth that listens and shares this story with others? If you listen to the story and write a short response that is one community service hour. If you share it with others and there are more listeners as a result – more credit. Why is this community service? You can tell us in your response.

Chaptering this podcast was done by someone earning community service during the pandemic. Chaptering remains a remote service option. You must be a good listener and proof your work.

Check out the current 3-Minute Movie Challenge. Producing a short movie can take between 3 and 30 hours. Based on your use of effects and style we will make a determination. We ask that you log your hours for this method of receiving credit. Register here. Tell us it is for Community Service. Check out this community service movie created by Team Hercules2021. For credit someone will edit this 4 1/2 minutes down to 3 minutes? Will that be you?

Make TV:  Organize a talent show, poetry slam. Interview someone who has a great story. Express – Show – Perform. Producing TV can take between 2 and 20 hours. Did you make your shows graphics? Did you do promotion?

Find the current initiatives here.  Reach out to us at Freeman  We will come up with a plan based on your skills, current request to us for help. There is always a way to be the ‘I” in service.

You can find the #BeTheMedia FaceBook Group here. Look at the posts. There are several tips about being better at determining Fact from Fake, video production and even essay writing. Updates happen regularly.