Take-Three 3-Minute Movie coVIDEO 2020 Challenge

The challenge: Make a movie about a Wallingford Person, Place or Thing with a 2020 perspective.

It can be about memories, new experiences, feelings, family, It can be a parody. It can be a discovery of your personal space.

The rules: 1) Register anytime up to submission deadline (form below) 2) Make a video 3-minutes long or less with challenge image and a challenge line. 3) Submit by 3 PM Jan 5th, and 4) Have fun!

Your movie must include:

  • Challenge image: a wreath
  • One Challenge line: To be announced December 13th

There are PRIZES for movie making and for promoting the challenge to movie-makers.

Eligibility: Residents & Friends OF WPAA-TV

As with all things WPAA-TV, Wallingford residency is automatic eligibility. For this special movie challenge, our friends are eligible too. Who is a friend? Friends of Freeman P Quinn and Followers of the WPAATV in social media.

Categories and Prizes — #ShopLocal #SupportLocal

PRIZES: You tell us which local Wallingford Business or local charity will share in your win. Your choice. We will tell them an award-winning Movie Maker is a patron or supporter. A gift certificate will be processed for you or a donation made in your name.

Category Judges Choice Audience Choice Best Story

Funny 1-shot




Creative 1-shot









We ask for your age at registration. If registration is high, we will use ‘Age-clusters’ to add more prizes so tell your friends.

Your movie

It can be in any style: 1-shot or highly produced. It can be oral history, documentary, voice-over, drama, storytelling, music video, animation, or stop-action. You decide. IMPORTANT: Your movie will be disqualified if any copyright is violated. Due to the Covid-19 times, your movie must be made with social distancing considerations. 

Tools for Move Making

Music: Be careful about the music you use. It must not violate copyright. YouTube has a library of free music.
Editing: We can assign you access to FREE We Video cloud editing. Here is some information about it. WeVideo
Cameras: We will loan cameras to registered participants for up to one week.

Send us a note at movie@wpaa.tv if you want to use WeVideo or borrow a camera and/or other equipment.

What is 1-SHOT movie?

With a camera you own, or with your smartphone, record your entire movie from start to finish with no additional editing. Push Record. Film. End Record. Review. Decide: Submit or Do Again.


If using your phone, hold it horizontally.
Challenge lines can be spoken or shown.
Plan your movie. Maybe you or your team designed titles & credits. Maybe a ‘wide-shot to zoom in’ could use a bit of practice. Do you have enough lighting? Are there predictable sounds you want to avoid or include? Do you have a new poem or song about these times? What DIY projects are you doing? Tell us in a video story. Your camera person can be socially distant. 

STORY: If someone videotapes you sitting in a chair telling a good story, there is less camera technique involved. But you could win ‘best story.’ You might need to share the prize with the person holding the camera for you. We love a good story. Prizes for storytelling can be added to the other prizes or be won independently.

TECH: For the future filmmakers, animators — the folks with tools at home. 3-Minute Challenge is always 3 times a year for you. We have free WeVideo logins for cloud-based editing. Check interested on your registration form and we will get back to you with login details or send an email to Movie@wpaa.tv

Promote the challenge, and win

When you promote the coVIDEO MOVIE CHALLENGE we will reward your success. Promoters are not required to make a movie. But it would be nice. If you represent a civic group or non-profit here is a way to get a small donation and maybe some stories about your organization created.

  • Decide on your own promoter code Promoter codes can be organization names, your first name, something you make up in the spirit of having fun.
  • Tell people there is a 3-Minute Movie Challenge. Ask them to register and to put your code in the registration form.
If 5 movie makers tag you, YOU WIN $10. If you get 10 movie makers giving us your code you get $25. 25 participants, $35 
How to submit your movie

Transfer your video to us at movie@wpaa.tv using tools like google drive or dropbox. If you made it with your phone send it in messenger to Freeman P Quinn.


COMMUNITY JUDGING: All movies submitted to the contest will be posted on wpaatv YouTube Channel. Community voting instructions will be announced in December.
OUR JUDGES: Points will be given for the creative use of the challenge lines. More lines more points. And the rest is about making of movies such as camera techniques, creativity, storytelling. Humor is good too.
Up to 4 Extra Points: Are we friends? Do you subscribe to the wpaatv YouTube Channel, or are you a social media friend of Freeman P Quinn. Do you Like, Friend, Follow, and subscribe? Yes, we want your movie AND your friendship.  @FreemanWPAATV @wpaatv

You submitted your movie. You have asked friends and family to vote for it. Winners will be announced in January 2021 on this website and on social media. You will also get an email asking how you want to spend your winnings.