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Register for Movie Challenge

The challenge: Make a movie about a Wallingford person, place or thing.

YOU: Make a movie 3-minutes long (or shorter) with challenge image and lines about a Wallingford person, place or thing.Submit your movie by Friday Oct 10th 6pm
WPAA-TV: Provides registered movie-makers with tools & stage. Register at any time with online form below.

Prizes, Prizes, Prizes

More movies, more prizes. More styles, more prizes. More movie-makers of different ages, more prizes. You can register at anytime. Our resources are available for extended loans for those registered for the challenge.

2021 Goal: Share stories about the meaning of being ‘open’. Open places. Open to ideas. Open to life-long learning. Open to growth.

Round #2 2021 3-minute movie must include:

  • Challenge image: open sign
  • One Challenge line: ‘Open for ___.’ and/or ‘___time to return

It can be about memories or plans, new experiences, feelings, or passions. It can be a parody or fantasy. It can be a discovery of your personal space. It can be a 1-shot style or highly produced video movie. You can interview a family member or friend (oral history).

It must be original and copyright free.