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Register for Movie Challenge

It is time to register for the 3-Minute Movie Challenge. Submit by Sunday March 27th 3pm

Please note the date changed due to Covid conditions in our community. #staysafe

More movies, more prizes. More styles, more prizes. More movie-makers of different ages, more prizes. Our tools & stage resources are available for extended loans to anyone registered for the challenge.

Every challenge: Make a movie about a Wallingford person, place or thing.

Your movie can be about memories or plans, new experiences, feelings, or passions. It can be a parody or fantasy. It can be a discovery of your personal space. It can be a 1-shot style or highly produced video movie. You can interview a family member or friend (oral history). The story and style is up to you. But it must be original and copyright free.

Round #3 2021 3-minute movie must include:

    • Challenge image: wreath – a universal symbol of unity
    • Challenge lines: ‘Alone we can__, Together we can___.’ , A simple hello___, ‘A million things___
    • Length: 3-minutes or SHORTER.

NOTE: The original lines were “Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.” and “A simple hello can lead to a million things.” Since those long lines limit your story options too much, just consider them inspiration. Only one line beginning with one of the four choices is required to be eligible.