Challenge Winners 3-Minute Movie

Congratulations to Emma Higgens winner of 2018 Best Video 3-Minute Movie Challenge for her movie Why #06492Rocks. 

Our #CelebrateWallingfordEveryDay event on January 12th, 2019 include our filmmaker award. Check out the clip. “What We Do Together.”

Best Video Representing Spirit of Home Town Challenge Why #06492Rocks
Take Two 2018 Winner: A Walk Through Wallingford
Take One 2018 Winner: Fluffy Nights

Congratulations Producer Aaron Sandler of Ugly Chicken Wings Media Group & Lightning Strikes Twice. The movie featured Jared Sparky Marmitt, the line ‘Missed it by that much.’ and Wallingford’s new train station signs. The winning movie was screened at FAP4Short-Shorts in Bridgeport on May 31st 2018.

The 2017 winning movie The Sparrow Falling was screened at the Holiday Cinemas in October 2017.
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Are you interested in watching the 3-minute movies about Wallingford people, places and things. Here is a link to the YouTube Playlist.