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Thanks to everyone who watched and came by during this special 30th year in public service. Eric Michael Schrader, former station coordinator, conversed with #TeenTigerTV Youth Leader about his passion for video storytelling and the impact of his opportunity for self-discovery at WPAA-TV. Ubuntu storytellers will join us again Nov. 21st, Dec.19th. The civic education message recorded with #CitizenMike and Secretary of the State Stephanie Thomas was shared with our community media peers. It will provide vital information until the next general election. Our plan for The Superhero Within remains in flux. Let us know if you want to show it at your school. The Mission In Mosaic is a permanent installation in our foyer. The Dedication Story is available here.

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Holiday Messages have been part of our celebration since 2015. Click here to see past TV magic. All ages. Free. 2024 Invitation Video here

Tours include Making TV
Community Media Day Open House

An annual celebration of community voices with our studioW Open House begins at noon. The tradition of greenscreen fun continues. Giggles are guaranteed. #TeenTigerTV volunteers will help you add music or sound effects to finish your video in minutes. Then you can share it with family & friends.

Watch archival programs called How Well Do You Know Us? We are playing stories from the archives every Saturday from 8 to 11 p.m. and intermittently. Participants in the CONTEST have a chance to win a $250 Stop & Shop Card and other swag. Return the compelted form to

Contest: How well do you know us? Download the Fillable Form Here

  • What year was WPAA incorporated as a nonprofit?
  • What former WPAA employee became an EMMY Award-winning Editor?
  • What former WPAA Producer was among the 1st to earn $100,000 on YouTube?
  • What video produced at WPAA-TV has the most views?
  • What video produced at WPAA-TV has the most awards?
  • What award-winning children’s show is featured on WPAA-TV?
  • What local producer hosted the most shows in WPAA’s History?
  • What local personality hosted the most shows on WPAA
  • What award-winning program features women’s stories?
  • Who is located at our former Center St address?
  • What is the most important room at 28 S Orchard St?
  • What is the name of the Gallery at WPAA-TV and Community Media Center
  • What production at WPAA-TV involved over 75 people?
  • What is the name of the Tiger in the ARCY Mural?
  • Can you name all the colleges that had interns at WPAA-TV?
  • Whose show is this (musicians Thursday at 9 @2005)
  • Who is the watercolor artist in the Gallery?
  • Who is the mural artist who created Hercules?
  • What local event was covered annually for over a decade?
  • Who played the Ompa Loompa?
  • What year was the move to 28 S Orchard?
  • How many miles of Cat 5 are in the wall?
  • How many shows does WPAA Produced
  • What type of shows are on WPAATV
  • What is the Cable Channel you can be watched on?
  • Are there audience welcome events?
  • Who was the most famous musician to perform at studioW?
  • What was our 1st address?
  • Who is the mascot?
  • What is your Favorite Program
Studio Green Screen
With our Green Screen, you can be placed into any of our 100-holiday moving images

When you come by, take a selfie in front of our #ARCY Hercules Mural. Tag us #wpaatv on Facebook or Instagram. Hercules was brand new in 2015. See our first Youth Team