Alumni Testimonial: WPAA gave me a place to learn and grow my knowledge about sound recording. I wouldn’t have gain the necessary experience and guidance I needed to continue with music without my teachers there. The volunteers at the WPAA… have worked to give other youths the chance to shine in the musical arts. Here is a project made by one of those youths that goes by the name of Benny FL. Go check it out!

Props from Sona
Team Hercules Roster: They Have Worn the Paw and rebranded as #TeenTigerTV in 2022

Our team experiences are designed to meet the personal development goals of each participant while working together in the public interest. Team Hercules refers to our committees and teams. A mix of staff and volunteers attempt transformational work which can be a Herculean task. Hercules is the name of the tiger in our public art mural by ARCY.    

Workforce Alliance Participants: Neal-Jay Ancheta, Jon Martino, Maddie Fortier, (2015), Branndon Greatorex, Lia Washington, John Tang, Angelica Tiroletlo, Derek Gonzalez (2016), Kairav Manair (2016-17), Jason Sabetta (2017), Ashley H (2018), Ben Negron, Jackson Wallick, Dave Barbetta, Daniel Teodosio, Chloe Sargent (2021), Noah & Tiffanie Cutler, Tim & Freddie Lopez (2022), James Sullivan, Aidan Luce, Ella Guglielmo, Xavier Lawrence, Guillermo Solis Meza, Cameron Ercolani, Alexis Lupoli-Ginter, Dylan Demayo (2023)

High School Community Service (greater than 10 hours): Summer: Jack Vann, Mackenzie Glynn, Briley & Delaney Frank, Kyle Criscuolo (2023), Fall: DJ DelVecchio

2023 Jeffrey Cormier – Digital Media Assistant Quinnipiac College Film, TV, & Media Arts
2022 Zara Jaferi – Digital Media Assistant
2022 Ian Reynolds – Digital Media Assistant
2022 Michael Morneault – Digital Media Assistant
2021 Ryan E. Miller – Digital Story Producer Quinnipiac College
2021 (Fall) Erin Elizabeth Kulcsar Quinnipiac College Journalism
2020 (Spring) Michael Humowitz Middlesex Community College Film & TV
2020 (Spring) Garrett Alexander Amill Quinnipiac College Communications – Journalism
2020 (Spring) Evann Michael D’Adamo Quinnipiac College Communications – Editing
2020 Liam Bishop Gateway Community College Business Skills & more
2019 (Fall) John Anthony McMahon Quinnipiac College Communications
2019 (Summer) Sona Benham University of New Haven Audio
2018 Anthony Vitale Marist College Communication & Media Video Production & Directing
2018/19 Noah Levesque Dean College Intro to Editing
2018 Ashley H Southeastern Employment Services Digital Media
2018 Hallie Tarnawa Greater Hartford Academy of the Arts Lighting & Set Design
2017 Ian Howard Middlesex Community College Film & Directing
2017 Nathan Dean Middlesex Community College Business Skills
2016 -17 Deanna Pedone Sacred Heart Film & Television Video Production & Directing
2016 Anthony Guarino Full Sail University Digital Cinematography
2016 Alan Astromowicz PQCWorks Audio Tech
2016 Elizabeth Tranzillo PQCWorks Graphics & Marketing
2016 Victoria Penczynzyn Middlesex Community College Graphics
2015 Leah Meyers University of New Haven Directing
2014 Colin Babcock Quinnipiac Undergrad Studio Production, Anchor
2014 Cory Schide Marist College Communication Video Editor
2014 Joey Allard Middlesex Community College Video Production Served as WPAA-TV President 2017-18
2013 Scott Sheahen Quinnipiac Graduate News & Reporting

Hosting Affiliations

College Credit Internships: Middlesex Community College, Quinnipiac University, Albertus Magnus, University of New Haven, SCSU, Film & Television Sacred Hearty University Graduate Program
Wallingford Public Schools Community Service
Workforce Alliance Youth Teams: Summer 2014, 2015, 2016, 2018, 2021, 2022
Abilities programs include PCQworks , ClearWeave Careers, and Chapel Haven.

Note: We have discontinued some host agreements as the obligations exceed our staffing capabilities. We take providing these opportunities seriously. There are no shortcuts and the time commitment is significant.

Internships: Tailored to your goals

Meet with us. Develop a plan. If the applicant is in a for-credit program, we can work out the approvals with the school or work program agency. We have an ongoing application process with Quinnipiac University: Digital Media Assistant

Ongoing Projects: Make TV. Place Yourself In (Civil Rights) History, AsToldHere Podcasts, Production, 3-Minute Movies, and Moses Yale Beach Revealed