2023 Alliance for Community Media National Hometown & New England Nor’Easter & …

  • Hometown Community Event Activism/Rallies Student What’s In The Bag | Coalition For a Better Wallingford TeenTigerTV

When I Speak Freely is honored with an Official Selection for the WNET Inaugural Festival at Lincoln Center NYC, on June 7th. Theme: DEMOCRACY

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2022 Alliance for Community Media National Hometown & New England Nor’Easter & …

Eight local productions were recognized in the ACM-NE Nor’Easter Festival. Taking top honors was Mike Schleif for animated cartoons in the categories Arts & Theater and Instructional & Training: Space Bears The Movie and Drawing with Mandy: Lantern. When I Speak Freely, the youth winner of the ‘Democracy 2022 Civic Life Project Film Challenge‘ and the National Hometown Festival was a 2nd place Finalist in the all-ages category in the Nor’easter: About Access. The MakingItArtisan$tories Crew was a Finalist in Diversity Empowerment & Artist Profile with How Love Begat a Book JoJo’s Tiny Ear Author Stephania and The Evolution of SUEÃNOS by Anatar Marmol-Gagne. Georgian Lussier was a finalist in Profile Talk for her show MidLife Matters featuring Nonprofit Leader Sandie Lavoy and as guest host in conversation with Matthew Bailey of B.C. Funeral Home in the category of Science, Health, and Spirituality. WPAA-TV’s 2021 Annual Report Celebration of Voices WPAA-TV was again recognized for overall excellence.

2021 Alliance for Community Media National Hometown & New England Nor’Easter

  • Hometown Overall Excellence: Public Access Under $300,000  Winning Entry Citizen Media In A Virtual World – Annual Report
  • Hometown Best in both Animation and Children’s Programming Independent Producer Mike Schleif and Madison Schleif of Space Cub Studio with Adventure #9 Space Bears: The Starpowder Space Gem
  • A 3-minute movie advances to Best Nor’Easter Short Video Color of Hope by Andrew Horn
  • Nor’Easter Finalist Community Impact What Musicians Do COVID Edition Fire Escape Sessions and Annual Report Overall Excellence
  • Nor’Easter Finalist Arts & Drama No Turning Back by Walou Crew

2020 Alliance for Community Media National Hometown & New England Nor’Easter

1st Place Hometown Community Impact – Independent Producer Promotion Video for #StreetshotZ the Gallery Producer Adele Houston, Host Linda Marie Colon, Tech Director Tom Brady – Featuring Photographer Charles Buzinsky

The photo book is available to individuals showing proof of contributions of $250 or more to nonprofits helping local food or housing insecure neighbors.

  • 1st Place Arts & Theater The Sparrow Falling Episode 4 – Sal DelGreco, Robert James, Ian Howard
  • 1st Place Issues & Science, Health & Spirituality MidLife Matters Child Sex Trafficking – Georgian Lussier
  • 2nd Place Issues and Political Process Bipartisan Get Out the Vote – Team Hercules
  • 2nd Place Music & Performance Bharatanatyam – Ritesh Sekhar, Meera Nair, Jeevith Ishwarya
  • 3rd Place Educational Program Making It Artisan Stories Tim & Vance and Homeschooling – Adele Houston
  • 3rd Place Diversity Empowerment HumanKindBoth: What is our Purpose – Zahir Mannan, HumanKindBoth Contributors
  • 3rd Place Instructional and Training BlueHills Crafters – Adele Houston, Tom Brady
  • 3rd Place About Access and Community Media Time for a Story Places StudioW – Team Hercules
Award winning community TV station

On display in our foyer | awards from 1993 to today. Among them is the Rika Welsh Community Impact Award (2016); winner, Georgian Lussier, for MidLife Matters, She was nominated by several of her guests. This award recognizes work that champions a cause or idea using community media resources.

2019 Alliance for Community Media National Hometown & New England Nor’Easter