Finalist Community Impact

The Community Impact Award  2021 Nor’easter Film Festival hosted by the Alliance For Community Media North East goes to Lisa Catherine, Frank Critelli, and Team Hercules (anchored by Tom Brady & Aaron Stone). You are the BEST!

Tribute Page for the 2020 LIVE MUSIC Community Covid Relief Project

Please show your appreciation and enjoy in-person live events with these talented folks in 2021

You are a champions. Everyone comments about what a good time they have performing at the Fire Escape Sessions. I get messages from friends who watch each week saying how great the production is and how good everybody sounds. Thank you so much for letting me be involved. Peace be with you.

Frank Critelli, Prducer Fire Escape Sessions

Performing for me allows me to engage with others in a form where they can relate to what I am singing about. I think it is important that we as artist continue to encourage and inspire our communities near and far.

We are rebuilding trust and it can be fickle. So with the arts overall it keeps
The people together. I’m grateful to perform and that the people who show up
In the audience wants to feel good and remember the good
Times when they listen to some of the songs I

Nekita Waller  @NekitaWallerMusic  Connecticut’s 17th state troubadour

I had the opportunity to perform for the Fire Escape Series at WPAA in October of 2020. It was a hard year for musicians. I can’t begin to say how good it felt to play the series. It meant a lot to me as to performer that WPAA was working to give us an outlet to express ourselves and share new music that was being created in a strange and uncertain time, and reflected that. We expressed ourselves the way we do best, through song. WPAA is a gem for supporting the abundance of original local artists in CT. I’m grateful for the opportunity they gave me.

Denise Jones, Inner Groove

It was a wonderful experience to do a live stream concert at WPAA. We were treated like royalty and given the opportunity to reach a new audience with my original music. The skill and care taken with the live stream was extended by getting the opportunity to share the performance again online. A lovely time captured on video.

Anne Marie Menta

It was an honor to have been able to …help bring live local music of all kinds to the airways. The opportunities afforded artists, from brand new to famous, the chance to share their stories and their music. To this day, I still receive thanks from those who enjoyed and benefited from the experiences & opportunities the project created

Lisa Catherine

I had no idea that the arts were so available locally! More than just a TV station!


All of the sessions and several new songs clips can be found on The Fire Escape Sessions YouTube playlist Go HERE Viewer Thank you