When video content is so good you want others to see it; be a Guarantor.


A Guarantor is someone (or a group) who

  • feels ‘certain’ content is #GoodEnough2Share as community TV.
  • is willing to be publicly affiliated with both the content and WPAA-TV.
  • shares the responsibility for engaging local interest in the content they represent.
  • helps promote the Watch TV schedule of the content.
  • is a resident or affiliated WPAA-TV User/Organization.

For #GoodEnough2Share – Tell Your Neighbors About It – Be a Media Guarantor  WPAA-TV supports the acquisition and distribution of content such as documentaries, movies or shows made elsewhere, especially content produced at other Community Access stations or CT Humanities programs.

WPAA-TV volunteers are familiar with no-cost, copyright free noncommercial content available on media exchanges. Therefore, we will connect active supporters to available well-produced media making Guarantor connections possible. We ensure that referred content has been vetted to meet local policy; especially non-commercial and copyright free.

WPAA-TV expects Guarantors to help promote the content play schedule by liking and/or sharing public notices of content as is expected of content Producers . Locally produced content has resource priority.

Board of Directors

See the list of programs brought to Wallingford by your neighbors because it is #GoodEnough2Share.  Some content is shared seasonally including seasons of holidays and politics, others may be daily or weekly.
Something You Believe In ~ Your Name Goes Here

About Books & Authors includes Book Lust with Nancy Pearl   ~ Wallingford Public Library
Catholic Mass (Produced by Archdiocese of Burlington VT) ~ Georgian Lussier
Democracy Now ~ Michael Spiteri  Since 2013 now 4 times daily
Deutsche Welle (DW) Global News in Spanish (Global, Europe, Arts, Technology, and Health) ~ Spanish Community of Wallingford (SCOW)
Deutsche Welle (DW) Conflict Zone with Tim Sebastian ~ Josiah Houston
Deutsche Welle (DW) In Good Shape ~ Jenn Nuzzo
Deutsche Welle (DW) Euromaxx_Lifestyles Europe ~ Ingrid Barthelemy
Do The Math – Climate Change (and Green Energy programs) ~ Ben Martin
Emmy Award-winning Folklorist ~ Craig Fishbein (2017-2018)
Foundation For Drug-Free Youth ~ Coalition For A Better Wallingford
NOFA VT, Real Organic Movement and Seeds Of Death About GMOs ~ John Turenne

Mark Houde, Yosemite Through the Lens ~ Jeffrey Kohan
Rob Surette Story ~ ARCY Both are Disney Artists
Syrian Art of War the artistic voice of Mohammad Hafez ~ Tommy O
The Kamla Show  Women in STEM ~ Meha Maniar since 2017
Epidemic ~ Coalition For a Better Wallingford 2015-16
University of California Television (UCTV) ~ Rich Mavrogeanes

All media not produced with Wallingford Community Access TV resources must be 1) educational, 2) produces by a government agency, or be represented by a Guarantor. 

Community Media Stations produced Town Halls are classified as Government TV and are scheduled based on availability. Government TV content is distributed for transparency, not endorsements.