Our cablecast collaboration #in2languages #en2idiomas is designed to support language literacy in either English or Spanish language learners. The community media cablecast is possible courtesy of an arrangement with the Spanish Community of Wallingford (SCOW) within our #GoodEnough2Share program. The program is currently underwritten by Deutsche Welle, the CT Humanities Cultural Fund, and the WPAA-TV Operations Fund. Content that is not created locally can be represented locally as good enough to share.

New content plays weekly beginning midday, Tuesday. To just watch global news in Spanish, tune in from 11:30 am to 12:30 pm. Two shows daily, Monday through Saturday.

El contenido nuevo se reproduce semanalmente a partir del martes al mediodía. Para ver solo noticias globales en español, sintonízanos de 11:30 am a 12:30 pm. Dos espectáculos diarios, de lunes a sábado.

Collaboration: Promotion & Underwriting

Our collaborative language literacy program, #In2Languages #En2idiomas, partners the mission of the Spanish Community of Wallingford with WPAA-TV to promote English language learning with TV viewing. #In2Languages #En2Idiomas news magazine-style stories, with identical content about the world, technology, health, and arts are produced by Deutsche Welle in both English and Spanish. The four video news magazines are In Good Shape, Focus on Europe, Global US, and Tomorrow Today.

Promotion assistance is provided by the Spanish Community of Wallingford (SCOW), Wallingford Adult Education and Literacy Volunteers, and Language teachers. Spanish Language students are encouraged to watch in the summer on Saturdays to help retain language skills. English language learners are encouraged to watch on their lunch break.

ABOUT | Since Oct 2012

This language literacy initiative began in Oct 2012 with two world news programs. Now four news programs are scheduled in tandem, weekdays at midday. From 2012-14 content was shared on a TV in SCOW’s lobby/wait area. TV play times were coordinated with when the SCOW TV would most likely have viewers. Continuation of the program in 2024, and beyond, needs demonstrable community support. The continuation of this program can not be taken for granted. WPAA-TV is grateful for the 2023 Cultural-Fund-Operating Support Grant used to underwrite Spanish Content costs through May 2024.

When programs are on TV