STEaMc (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts/History, Math, and Civics)
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STEaMc Monday through Saturday 5-9 AM. Followed by Health and Fitness Topics and our language literacy content midday: In2Languages


STEaMC sources include Science 360 Dispatches From the Cutting Edge (National Science FoundationNASA, The Archaeology Channel, United Nations, US Government, Smart History (AP Art), universities such as UCLA and MIT, conferences, and more.

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A language literacy resource for English and Spanish language learners. Spanish language content is scheduled weekly at midday (11:30 am to 12:30 pm) except on Sunday. Four global news magazines Enforma, Global Us, Enfoque Europa, and Vision Futuro produced by Deutsche Welle play sequentially in English then Spanish, Español then Inglés.

At 11:00 AM DW.DE Global News Programs play on WPAA.TV in English followed by the Spanish version of the same content. At Noon news in Spanish is followed at 12:30 PM by the same content in English.El horario de programación es de Lunes a Viernes, a las 11 AM. Los programas de noticias son transmitidos en inglés, seguidos en español de 11:30 a 12:30 PM, y luego nuevamente en inglés a las 12:30 PM
If you live in Wallingford and get your TV from Comcast: Watch on Channel 18 or 1070
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Usted puede ver esta programación en el Canal 18 o 1070 a través de Comcast, o en el Canal 6091 si tiene Frontier.
Todo el contenido televisivo de la WPAA-TV está también disponible en internet a través de nuestro sistema de internet simultaneo.

DW In Good Shape – The Health Show (English)  DW Enforma –  (Spanish) More about the programs   here:

DW Global Us – The Globalization Program (English)  DW Global Us –  (Spanish)

DW Focus on Europe – Spotlight on People (English)  DW Enfoque Europa (Spanish)

DW Tomorrow Today – Science Magazine (English)  DW Visión Futuro (Spanish):