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Film Initiative at studioW

Story & Film: More.Than.TV  Many creators of short films, documentaries, and web series overlooked community television as a resource for creating and distributing content. This filmmaker initiative extends tools & stage resources to the creators of stories in film in a manner that aligns with organizational goals and guiding principles of community media:
To foster Free Speech and uplift a diversity of voices.

Guidelines of the Filmmaker Initiative
There is an application and approval process. Resource use inquiries require a Proposal with a story synopsis and details about individuals to be involved, WPAA-TV’s Artistic and Executive Director will conduct a feasibility review. Filmmakers are not required to be from Wallingford.

Unlike TV this is not a content-neutral 1st come, 1st serve program; a concept understood to be part of the ethos of Community TV resource access.  Any film project by a Wallingford Producer that cannot fit within TV use guidelines (reliable scheduling and product for distribution) will be considered under these guidelines. (Adopted June 12, 2017) Guidelines for eligibility are subject to change as the program and resources evolve.

a ‘thing’ that began in 2017

Check out what happened within the initiative in 2017:  News and view The Sparrow Falling

Filmmaker: A person who seeks to create a film. For our purposes, this individual will have credentials inclusive of training, evidence of past film-making and/or demonstrated competencies with video production equipment.