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Facilitating creation and distribution of meaningful noncommercial Community Access TV as stewards of Wallingford CT’s media making resources in fulfillment of Cable Access Provider responsibilities and as a local arts nonprofit.
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  • To operate a community-based media center inclusive of a television studio with community meeting, performance space and gallery
  • To provide (free or low cost) tools & stage to the public for creating and distributing media
  • To foster awareness of the First Amendment and Free Speech (with gratitude for the 14th Amendment)
  • To sustain Community Access TV resources on behalf of the people of Wallingford
  • To enable transparency in government; especially, locally and globally

WPAA-TV is a volunteer-run nonprofit that supports citizen-produced media, individuals and civic groups making their own videos for TV distribution 1st on WPAA-TV.

WPAA-TV is your alternative to commercial media. Fundamental Community Access principles embedded in production and distribution policy are at the core of our First Amendment advocacy. These principles include but are not limited to:

  • Enabling informed Free Speech and transparency in government
  • Dissemination of diverse points-of-view
  • Sharing hyper-local stories
  • Fostering global awareness; and
  • Being an alternative to commercial media.


To locate on policies and compliance report check out our Deep Dive Page.

We maintain a full profile on giveGreater.org which is a public documents repository managed by the Greater New Haven Community Foundation.

Common Questions Answered Here

Who owns WPAA-TV?  Wallingford Public Access Association Inc. a CT non-profit with a local volunteer governance board. Board elections are annual between May – June. 
Is it funded by tax-payer? No
What is the source of your funding? The primary funding source is cable TV subscribers that pay an annual fee. Wallingford residents pay about $8 annually of which WPAA-TV gets about $6.50? Other sources are grassroots donations, grants and in-kind services.
How do I become a producer? See details on this page > > Be A Citizen Media Producer

Do you cover Town-Sponsored events?

No. Town sponsored events fall under the auspices of Wallingford Government TV (WGTV) Channel. WGTV staff reports directly to the Mayor. It is underwritten by our local taxes.

What does it cost to use WPAA-TV | Do you rent?

Individuals must be registered with us with a local address (photo ID proof). If taking out more than $1,000 worth of equipment credit card info must be provided at the time of the equipment loan. If unfamiliar with the equipment, you must make an appointment to go over equipment operations. Usually Friday afternoons. Some evening options are available.
Do Producers pay fees? Not at this time
Is there paperwork involved in getting content on TV? Yes, Set up a meeting to get a process overview for program plan and media release.
Are your meeting rooms FREE? Yes
Is there a limit to how often meeting rooms are used?  No. Scheduling is 1st come, 1st serve using the email reserve@wpaa.tv
If I want to do a commercial project can I rent the facility? No
How early or late can the facility be used? This is determined on a project-by-project basis. The facility is most often open between 11 AM to 9 PM.

Who can put content on WPAA-TV

Is residency in Wallingford a requirement to use WPAA-TV? Residency gives prospective Users priority. Users can be any of the following:

  • Producers in the following Towns: No. Branford, No. Haven, East Haven, Madison, Guilford, Branford. These are the towns served by our Cable provider Comcast.
  • Representatives of nonprofits providing services to an area that includes Wallingford?
  • Individuals that own businesses in Wallingford.
  • Individuals employed by businesses that do business in Wallingford (i.e. State of CT)
  • CT college students.
  • CT Filmmakers
  • Members of organizations that we host such as theater companies.


How do you support nonprofits or civic groups?

Yes, we have a Mission Continues Initiative
Our volunteer team supports up to 5 civic projects with full-production capabilities yearly at no cost. Tell us what you want to do. We will review quickly and advice if resources are available. 
How are Public Service Announcements (PSA) handled?
Do you play Public Service Announcements (PSA)? Yes
Is there paperwork involved in getting them on TV? No
How do we give you a PSA? PSA can be sent given to us in person, via email or file transfer such as DropBox.
Is there a required video format for a PSA? No, Give us the best quality you have in any format.
Are there length requirements? No. We have played PSA as short as 6 seconds and as long as 12 minutes.
How often is PSA content played? PSAs are scheduled between programs and when possible near related content. If locally sourced, they are also played with local news and short video stories weekdays beginning and 5 PM.