Wallingford Public Access Association, Inc. d/b/a/ WPAA-TV and Community Media Center is more than a public access community TV channel. #MoreThanTV includes video streaming of content, re-adapting a barn into a community place for convening, theater, film, and public art. We uplift local voices and provide civic and information literacy training. We collaborate with other nonprofits in support of community well-being. Our Pledge: To provide a brave, safe, creative space for a diversity of expression within our community and beyond.

I Give Because...
Built by, run by, funded by
The People for The People.
Can we count on you? 4000 friends at $5 a year.

Transitioning to grassroots support is a vital next step for our future.
A small donation once a year during #greatgive06492: Predictable, Matched, Sustaining
As little as $5 from hundreds of friends once a year is our life line.
commUnity begins with ‘U’!

GreatGive in May

TheGreatGive06492 is an annual mid-year collaborative fundraising event with Wallingford nonprofits seeking ‘BE-THE-SEED grassroots’ donations. All nonprofits are eligible for matches and prizes based on the number of donors. (This ‘button’ is active during the 36-hour online event in May).

PayPal Anytime

Gifts are welcome any time. WPAA-TV is registered with PayPal Giving Fund, a ‘no-fee’ way to donate. Make your Gift via PayPal To go to Paypal Donation page, click here.

We support shopping locally but sometimes Internet shopping meets your needs. Did you know you can shop on the Internet and make a local contribution? WPAA-TV is registered iGive. iGive shoppers often get great deals and a % of the sale helps locally. Check them out: Igive info here.

ONGOING: WIN-WIN-WIN for our TeenTigerTV Youth Program

As part of our Think Global | Act Local Mission. We receive 20% (sometimes 30%) of the purchase price of TruEarth products when you use our QR code or this link:

Good for the Earth, Good for Us. A lifestyle change and a donation. What is best for you is good for us. Purchase during sales. Consider an annual (384 sheet) supply of laundry sheets. It is the best price per wash. Buy once a year. Immediately UNSUBSCRIBE to all TruEarth marketing. We will share when there are sales or 30% donation options. We post on our social media. You may need to search for the number of loads ‘384’ to locate an annual supply. This product size does not always appear on the sale landing page.

Thanks. When 100 people purchase a 1-yr supply of laundry purchases through our link we fund our Fall youth-led after-school program.

Pennies add up with BING searches

Searches on BING can send pennies our way. Select Wallingford Public Access when you sign up for Microsoft Rewards, Microsoft’s loyalty program. Two searches, one credit, maximum 15 per day. Select us!

FUNDED BY ‘WE THE PEOPLE’ | Our Volunteers

The largest contribution to our fiscal health | Cost reduction through volunteer support

Volunteers provide 95% of the administrative support for operations, produce content, and provide expert talent for functions such as building renovations & maintenance, network & streaming services, and training. Since 2010, the contributions of volunteers have exceeded funds received through our Cable Access Provider status.

Cable Fees – An uncertain source of Income from declining subscriber cable viewership ($8.44 annually per subscriber*)

WPAA-TV is funded, in large part, with funds assessed upon cable TV companies. This funding source is in decline. It is complicated. Unfortunately, Wallingford has the lowest per-subscriber fee in the state. The fee for use of public rights of way is determined by Federal and State legislation. The fee is more like a lease payment than a tax. Fees are passed through to designated entities referred to as Cable Access Providers (CAP). Wallingford Public Access Association is Wallingford’s CAP.

*Wallingford subscriber fees subsidize the communities of No. Haven, No. Branford, Madison, and Guilford. This subsidy was to be modified or concluded in 2012. Wallingford town leaders chose not to support the retention of Wallingford fees for Wallingford and former Senator Len Fasano and Rep. Vincent Candelora supported the transfer of funds to their communities. In 2010 WPAA-TV unsuccessfully pursued restoration of funds PURA Docket 10-03-02 Wallingford subscribers annual fee for 2023 increased but we received 80%.

As a giveGreater.org participant, there is full public transparency on financials, policies, and regulatory compliance.

WPAA-TV is noncommercial therefore Underwriting is messy.

The governance team wants to ensure that there is no perception of affiliation with any monetary or political influence therefore we do not seek subsidies from businesses. Unlike many nonprofits, we pay local businesses for food & services. We provide services to any Wallingford-affiliated business on a first-come, first-serve basis. They are welcome to subsidize the costs specific to the support we provide. So, unserwriting is messy because it infers bias.