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I did want to reach out … to thank you for helping foster growth within me last summer. Your guidance and kindness has helped me grow beyond my expectations and given me the confidence and drive to reach past the stars and go beyond. I can’t express in words how much you, the station, and Team Hercules have impacted my life for the better and have opened doors for my future growth and opportunities, along with gaining valuable friends and experience along the way. To put it simply, you’ve changed my life and made me happy, and I am eternally grateful. You’ll always be in my thoughts, especially in the coming months when I graduate and take the next step in my education.


Censorship occurs at all levels and community television, such as WPAA, serves to maintain free speech at the lowest levels of the community as much as the high visibility socio-political fabric.

Community news coverage continues to die and get swallowed by larger media conglomerates. There are fewer and fewer people watching those who make life-altering decisions on the micro level everywhere in America – and “micro” can mean tens of thousands of people… Local news coverage is essential to keep local power brokers in check and doing the work of the people they represent. And the ONLY way this can happen is small, one community at a time.


Flexible. Design around what I need and what you need. Perfect. R.M. 2021

I am elated to be applying for the position of digital media assistant with WPAA-TV. This position interests me because of its flexibility and dedication to informing the community.  E.K. 2020

After talking with you and looking at your website, I see that your main goal is to teach citizens what you know about the media and to provide an open space to the public to create. I appreciate your dedication to transparency in the media, as I am a journalist who shares the same values of free, truthful speech. Your mission to allow people to create content in a supportive environment is a unique concept that I want to be a part of. G.A. 2020

If there is anything I can do for you, just say the word. Happy to talk to future interns on your behalf. S.S 2010 Qu Grad


Community TV as I’ve experienced it in Wallingford has drawn together diverse individuals and groups who discover their unique gifts and roles to play in service to distributing a message, providing information, or sharing creative expression; people of all ages and backgrounds come together and participate in the creation of an etheric electronic signal that is recorded and disseminated worldwide, but the experiences of working together to bring it all about, the smell of hairspray and sweat are personal memories indelibly encoded, and cherished. The combination of creative vision, technical complexity, passion & joy present at WPAA has enriched the life and enhanced the skills of this poster. T.O. Audio Tech 2020

Thank you for the opportunity this summer. I learned a lot from you and I had fun doing it. It was the best internship out of the three I did this summer. NL 2018

It was a pleasure working with you guys at WPAA-TV. I enjoyed the years I worked there and I’m grateful for the kindness you guys have shown me. I would like to thank you for putting a kind word, I hope you guys at WPAA-TV are well and keep spreading love around. N.J. 2018

I appreciate and am grateful for such thoughtful answers, … I can’t say that enough. Volunteering at WPAA and learning from you has helped me tremendously. D.M. 2018

Covering local events like The Samaha and Carini Bowl Football games., The Tree lighting ceremony and Celebrate Wallingford was an honor and privilege for me. But I think the most heartwarming event was The Relay For Life. Walking the track and interviewing the participants and bringing everyone’s story to the screen was important. E.M. 2005


THANK YOU WPAA for coordinating Be The Seed #TheGreatGive06492 / Thank you for all you do. I’m learning,  slowly,  but surely!! /

In 2022, Raising the Curtain on Arts, part of the Community Foundation of Greater New Haven #TheGreatGive, featured arts organizations’ stories about what they do. WPAA-TV produced a LIVE Community TV experience showcasing The Mike Casey Jazz Trio which incorporated Public Service Announcements produced by our youth media team. Funding for the trio, event promotion, and production time was made possible with CT Cultural Fund Operating Grant Funds. The #TheGreatGive06492 raised $50,000 for the collaborating 12 Wallingford nonprofits.

Community TV has made available to us the awesome Deutsche Welle programming in areas as interesting as global affairs, environment, culture, science and technology. With the same quality programming being available in English and Spanish, it is a great opportunity to practice the learning of both languages. — SCOW Team

Thanks for providing a home location for our traveling troupe. Connecticut Compass Theatre 2018

Thank you for allowing The Backyard Theatre Company to rehearse in your space and be filmed for publicity.

Thank you so much for your donation on #GivingTuesday to the Foundation of the Alliance for Community Media. You were one of the 40 donors.

It was a wonderful experience to do a live-stream concert at WPAA. We were treated like royalty and given the opportunity to reach a new audience with my original music. The skill and care taken with the live stream were extended by getting the opportunity to share the performance again online. A lovely time captured on video.

Thank you. …continuing gratitude and support. DTC 2018


It’s my ambition to forge a career in video production. At WPAA I have access to equipment and a
learning ground that would be far beyond my means if It were not provided publicly. — SollyMedia

We came to you at the end of 2021 hoping to create a way to use community media to reach more people in need without stigmatization. We now have episodes on twenty-six TV channels and a podcast. You provided a simple plan that amplifies what we do. Thanks for making the resources and support available.. — Central CT Intergroup (Alcoholics Anonymous)

It was an honor to have been able to spend four years involved with helping bring live local music of all kinds to the airways. The opportunities afforded artists, from brand new to famous, the chance to share their stories and their music. — Music With Purpose

Hundreds of viewers learned about the Holocaust from a survivor; we’re presented with facts about child sex trafficking right here in CT and were enlightened about uneven laws governing access to original birth certificates. Losses from drugs, date violence and fraud were described first-hand. Approximately 10% of the MidLIFE Matter segments addressed difficult and important social topics. G.Lussier #MidLifeMatters

Bill and I really appreciate all the support we have received since 2015. The Take cohost

I can never thank the staff at WPAA enough. What they have taught me, and the time they spent explaining any question I’ve had.
The atmosphere, the understanding, and the step-by-step concern are class. (Thom Talks)

Sometimes what starts as a ripple on one shore, is a big wave by the time it gets to the other shore. Progressive Talks

…given the opportunity to do discussions on race, opened up many conversations off of fb, helped ppl to understand where the other person is coming from, feeling what they are feeling. — Community Conversations Contributor

Yes! We have enjoyed making fun appearances on TV. — Creation Station

I’ve always had a wonderful experience with our Wallingford station. I produced a kid’s tv show that encouraged literacy and a love of writing. Kids loved the show. — Penn’s Pals 2013

WPAA coverage of the 350 kickoff and history talks offered an amazing community presence. Thank you for all that you do for the community. You were so gracious to tape … Wallingford350 Committee 2018

…appreciative that I can count on you for fervent support and good counsel. …for Wallingford’s future. J.L. 2017

We can not thank you enough for all the hard work and expertise with this project. Sincerely appreciated. Wallingford Rotary 2015


the humankind conversations were a refreshing and inspiring opportunity to reconnect with the best of ourselves and each other in the middle of a wearing pandemic and such political unrest. I was grateful they existed and honored to be a part of them.

How lovely to meet and hear the late Hilton Valentine at the station! Live performances are always a treat and that one was so special to see one being taped.

I participated with a panel of women in a WPAA program and learned more than I shared. What an eye-opener. Since then I have enjoyed the knowledge gained by this asset. Town information, local talent, and political discussion as well as a source for charity fundraising advertising. We need to maintain this island of positive free speech and public information.


Freeman P Quinn, we really enjoyed the opportunity you gave us. I’ve enjoyed watching others do the same and have learned much.

The talks that I’ve watched have proven to be more on the educational side, bringing awareness, generating healthy conversations, and by giving the speakers an opportunity to speak openly, the same happens with those watching.

Freeman P Quinn, the public tv option gives viewers an important opportunity to get to know local political candidates and issues that they might not have access to otherwise.

A decade ago you helped Frank have hope after he fell off the roof, breaking his ribs and wrists and getting a brain bleed. Your ‘Sharing Joy’ Video made with so many in the community lifted his spirits and helped him heal. Seeing smiling children always made him happy. For weeks we found it hard to imagine he would live. He stayed among us for 10 more years and as we celebrated his life it brought us more joy to see the video from the archives again.

I watched Music For the Solstice. My first time watchin… And this was the first thing I saw/heard… It was absolutely beautiful! And then I listened to the amazing storytellers. This programming was a definite highlight of the season for me!

I enjoy watching the Teen Tiger TV segments as well as all of the programming on WPAA. #TeenTigerTV rocks. Such a positive thing for the youth of Wallingford to be involved with, these folks could very well be the future of broadcasting in our state, we need to get them all the props and support they need and deserve. Great job guys!! Rob S. June 2024

After 180 days of filming. Kool Award