What Is #TheGreatGive06492?

#TheGreatGive06492 is the coming together of several Wallingford nonprofits during the annual Greater New Haven Online Community Giving Event: The Great Give. The collaboration, and the event, are designed to raise both visibility of, and resources for, local nonprofits.

Prizes. Prizes. Prizes. Donors win too! A Tradition starts with a seed of an idea.
Prizes and incentives amplify with Greatness “What we do together.”

Donors contributing to all 12 collaborating #TheGreatGive06492 nonprofits are eligible for a swag bag: Value $100. Winners are selected from donors giving $5 or more to each participating nonprofit. Thanks or your generosity. 

Among the swag items: 16G flash drive with ARCY mural print, StreetshotZ photo book, ‘Who Gives a Crap’ bamboo loo paper roll, Passionately Pasta Gift Card (Value $7), Gaylord lunch pack, R-J mouse pad, Library Water bottle and note cards.

Grassroots gift of $5 to each of these organizations, $60 in total, could be the beginning of a relationship. Building relationships within our community is as important as a financial gift. We are stronger together. We all want you to be part of “What we do together.”  as #TheGreatGive06492.

With gratitude for all our sponsors including the Record-Journal and CT Humanities Cultural Fund Grant to WPAA-TV for capacity building and community outreach. Helping us connect with you around service and arts in Wallingford is important now, more than ever.

‘Grassroots’ $5000 Match | Every gift of $10 or less. Be connected.
‘Young & Connected’ Napier Foundation $5000 Match | Every gift from person age 25 or under
‘GreaterGood’ Allnex $1,000 Match | Every gift of $20 or greater
‘Rotary’ Power Hour $1000 Match | Every gift received between 5-7 p.m. on May 5th

Every unique donor receives a pro-rated match from The Community Foundation of Greater New Haven. A $100,000 match is distributed among 500+ participating nonprofits. The work of local arts organizations (Wallingford Chorus and WPAA-TV and Community Media Center) is amplified annually with special Arts matches. SCOW is also eligible for the annual Progreso Latino Fund match. A special thanks to the Mike Casey Trio, Alumni The Hartt Music School, who provided our special arts entertainment.

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“Mike Casey Aims To Revive Jazz For The Millennial Set”
— Huffington Post

“It seems as if the music is pushing against unseen boundaries”
— JazzTimes

“[Mike] seems not to brandish his saxophone as a weapon of war, but rather he makes music out of great gulps of air, which are delivered through its reed, softened by the song. And he always makes you want to listen.”
— Jazz da Gama



We hope you enjoyed following gG, the inspirational ‘be the seed’ acorn, who visited all our participating nonprofits. We will share the stories about the seeds you planted too.

Thank you for counting down the days with us on our gG journey and contributing during #TheGreatGive on May 4th-5th 2022. In prior years, Wallingford nonprofits did not have much success with this fundraising & awareness raising event. We set out to change that together.

In 2022, through this collaborative, $50,000 was raised collectively, more than doubling prior years independent efforts. We look forward to your grassroots support in 2023  The Great Give.

Serving Wallingford

ASRC (Autism Services and Resources CT) [About ASRC Video]
Gaylord Specialty Healthcare [Traurig House Video]
Masters’ Manna Food Pantry and Resource Center [Since Covid Video]
MidState ARC [Video]
RJ Latino Communities Reporting Lab [Video]
Soul Friends  Help Train Therapy Animals [Video]
Spanish Community of Wallingford * [Video]
Ulbrich Boys & Girls Club [Video]
Wallingford Chorus** [Video]
Wallingford Family YMCA [Video]
Wallingford Public Library [Video]
WPAA-TV and Community Media Center** [SocialActionArt Video] [ DareToSpeak Video}

To learn more about each organization, watch the videos. Some were produced, or reproduced, by our award winning youth team at WPAA-TV. Informational links enable giving at any time.

More ABOUT | The Great Give

Greater New Haven showed its spirit of generosity during 13th annual The Great Give 2022, raising $3.46 million for over 500 local nonprofit organizations.

“The tremendous support for local nonprofits during The Great Give is a testament to how our community is meeting the moment during a time of challenges and transformation,” said The Community Foundation for Greater New Haven President and CEO Will Ginsberg. “The strength and resilience of our community depends on the work of the many nonprofits in Greater New Haven. We are so appreciative of the thousands of donors who stepped up to show these vital organizations how much they are valued.”

Every unique donor will also receive a portion of the $100,000 gift from the Foundation.

In 2022, Wallingford-centric nonprofits united to promote their work and the online giving event. All eligible Wallingford nonprofits were invited to collaborate.

We encourage your support of all organizations that serve Wallingford; especially, those that engaged with us as we planned. Please understand that matches for #TheGreatGive06492 do not apply to the following awesome nonprofits that officially opted-out due to strategic considerations. Columbus House | Connecticut Foodshare | Birthright of Greater Meriden | Capital for Change