Four Spanish language News programs Enforma , Global 3000 , Enfoque Europa and Vision Futuro play midday six-days a week per arrangements with the Spanish Community of Wallingford (SCOW). WPAA-TV fund raises annually via the Great Give to cover the content fees ($900). The English versions of the same stories are available via a generous content grant from Deutsche Welle. Together this content is the Language Literacy Program: #In2Languages #En2Idiomas (since 2013).

Every week there is new midday In2Languages content. Check out the programs playing each week in English here: In Good Shape, Global 3000, Tomorrow Today and Focus on Europe as well as other programs we redistribute produced by DW: Conflict Zone, Euromaxx, and SHIFT.

At 11:00 AM DW.DE Global News Programs play on WPAA.TV in English followed by the Spanish version of the same content. At Noon News in Spanish is followed at 12:30 PM by the same content in English. Weekdays and Saturday from 11:30 to 12:30 Global News plays on WPAA-TV in Spanish. Programs start on the half-hour as shown below.
El horario de programación es de Lunes a Viernes, a las 11 AM. Los programas de noticias son transmitidos en inglés, seguidos en español de 11:30 a 12:30 PM, y luego nuevamente en inglés a las 12:30 PM

In2Languages Days and Times
If you live in Wallingford and get your TV from Comcast: Watch on Channel 18 or 1070
If you live in CT and get your TV on Frontier Cable: Go to Channel 6091.
If you subscribe to DISH, you cannot watch on TV.
All our TV content can be seen at the same times on the Internet: Click Here to watch.

Usted puede ver esta programación en el Canal 18 o 1070 a través de Comcast, o en el Canal 6091 si tiene Frontier.
Todo el contenido televisivo de la WPAA-TV está también disponible en internet a través de nuestro sistema de internet simultaneo.  Click Here to watch
DW In Good Shape – The Health Show (English)  DW Enforma –  (Spanish) More about the programs   here:

DW Global 3000 – The Globalization Program (English)  DW Global 3000 –  (Spanish) More about the programs   here:

DW Focus on Europe – Spotlight on People (English)  DW Enfoque Europa (Spanish) More about the programs  here:

DW Tomorrow Today – Science Magazine (English)  DW Visión Futuro (Spanish) More about the programs here:

Learn by Watching Television

A collaborative language literacy, #In2Languages #En2idiomas, partners the missions of  Spanish Community of Wallingford with WPAA-TV to promote ‘learning by viewing’ identical content in both English and Spanish. #In2Languages #En2Idiomas news magazine style stories about the world, technology, health, and arts are produced by Deutsche Welle.  Promotion assistance is provided by the Spanish Community of Wallingford (SCOW), Wallingford Adult Education and Literacy Volunteers and Language teachers. Spanish Language students are encouraged to watch in the summer or Saturdays to help retain language skills. English language learners are encouraged to watch on their lunch break.

This program remains available as community TV through Individual contributions and the generosity of the WPAA Board. Great Give 2019 contributions from friends of SCOW and Michael and Zorayda Cocchi provided approximately 50% of the cost. The DW contract renews each May.