Take One 2018 Winner is Fluffy Nights

Congratulations Producer Aaron Sandler of Ugly Chicken Wings Media Group & Lightening Strikes Twice. The movie featured Jared Sparky Marmitt, the line ‘Missed it by that much’ and Wallingford especially the new train station. The movie will be screened at the FAP4Short-Shorts in Bridgeport on May 31st.

Open to all ages. Register from this page at any time between Aug 5th -26th. Submissions are due: August 26th 9 PM. There are a few fun rules that will be available here Noon August 5th.

Your movie can be any style, but there are a few requirements.
YOUR MOVIE MUST INCLUDE: A line and an image
The judges will give more points for creative use of the REQUIRED line and image. This helps us know you made the movie for this challenge. It gives us something to help identify the winner(s). Yes there can be multiple winners if we have several movie-makers in a few age categories.

A gateway sign is any entrance sign. Examples: signs at the train station or road crossing from surrounding towns or highways

    • This can be a still or moving image.
    • Only one sign of your choosing is required.
    • The list is suggestions only. All opportunities for images are not listed.

LINE: ‘Good Enough Too Share.’ and/or ‘Missed It by that much.’
A line is a movie element that is most often in dialogue; however, as the movie-maker you decide how to use it.

    • This line can be spoken or shown.
    • You can use one or both lines. One is required.
How to submit movie

Upload to a platform of your choice (Youtube, Vimeo) and send us the link via email: movie at wpaa dot tv  or drop of file at 28 So Orchard street on April 29th between 11 am and 6 pm. You can call 203-294-9722 to make arrangements for drop off or to reserve equipment to film or edit.

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