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Board Vice President Curt Huizenga welcomes Board Member Herb Jackson in as new WPAA-TV President (2019 Annual Mtg)
Board of Directors
      • Herb Jackson – (2024) President
      • Curt Huizenga – (2023) Vice President
      • Cassie Allen (2024) – Secretary/Treasurer
      • Riyad Lahnin (2022)
      • Bruce Conroy (2023)
      • Jeff Kohan (2023)
      • Elaine Gaffney (2022)
      • Helen Hoelck (2022)
      • James (Jim) S Stavris Jr (2022)


    Technical Advisors
    Community Support Team a.k.a. #TeamHercules
    • Susan Adele Huizenga: Executive Director (Full-time Volunteer)LinkedIn
    • Bruce D Haag: Video Consultant Weekly Shows (Former Mission Continues Fellow), Producer Center Ring Wed |Thursday Evenings
    • Tom Brady: Video Consultant Fire Escape SessionsMusic With Purpose , and Human Kind BothMidLifeMatters, CommUnity Conversations and more Mon |Tuesday Evenings
    • Josiah Houston: Youth Team Story Coach
    • Riyad Lahnin: Chief Tech Officer/Youth Team Film Coach
    • Ben Negron: Youth Leader (Outreach & Mentor)
    • Michael Morneault: Youth Leader
    • Nathan Dean: User Services
    • Freeman P Quinn: Outreach & User Support Services
    • The anonymous folks behind Freeman P Quinn, 1st
    MORE THAN TV | SkILLS Development

    We are a host location for work-skills training and OJT experiences. Our Team Hercules program is designed to meet the personal development goals of each applicant. Together we serve the community. Meet with us. Develop a plan. If the applicant is in a for-credit program, we can work out the approvals with the school or work program agency.
    We have some props here from Sona:

    The WPA gave me a place to learn and grow my knowledge about sound recording. I wouldn’t have gain the necessary experience and guidance I needed to continue with music without my teachers there. The volunteers at the WPA …have worked to give other youths the chance to shine in the musical arts. Here is a project made by one of those youths that goes by the name of Benny FL. Go check it out!

    Who will be joining us in 2022? Opportunities to join the Youth Initiative, Make TV Production, Civil Rights Remix, and Moses Y Beach Education Interactive and more.

    • 2021 Ryan E. Miller – Digital Story Producer Quinnipiac College
    • 2021 (Fall) Erin Elizabeth Kulcsar Quinnipiac College Journalism
    • 2020 (Spring) Michael Humowitz Middlesex Community College Film & TV
    • 2020 (Spring) Garrett Alexander Amill Quinnipiac College Communications – Journalism
    • 2020 (Spring) Evann Michael D’Adamo Quinnipiac College Communications – Editing
    • 2020 Liam Bishop Gateway Community College Business Skills & more
    • 2019 (Fall) John Anthony McMahon Quinnipiac College Communications
    • 2019 (Summer) Sona Benham University of New Haven Audio
    • 2018 Anthony Vitale Marist College Communication & Media Video Production & Directing
    • 2018/19 Noah Levesque Dean College Intro to editing
    • 2018 Ashley H Southeastern Employment Services Digital Media
    • 2018 Hallie Tarnawa Greater Hartford Academy of the Arts Lighting & Set Design
    • 2017 Ian Howard Middlesex Community College Film & Directing
    • 2017 Nathan Dean Middlesex Community College Business Skills
    • 2016 -17 Deanna Pedone Sacred Heart Film & Television Video Production & Directing
    • 2016 Anthony Guarino Full Sail University Digital Cinematography
    • 2016 Alan Astromowicz PQCWorks Audio Tech
    • 2016 Elizabeth Tranzillo PQCWorks Graphics & Marketing
    • 2016 Victoria Penczynzyn Middlesex Community College Graphics
    • 2015 Leah Meyers University of New Haven Directing
    • 2014 Colin Babcock Quinnipiac Undergrad Studio Production, Anchor
    • 2014 Cory Schide Marist College Communication Video Editor
    • 2014 Joey Allard Middlesex Community College Video Production Served as WPAA-TV President 2017-18
    • 2013 Scott Sheahen Quinnipiac Graduate News & Reporting
    • ROAR1st Digital Media Assistants: Neal-Jay Ancheta (2016), Branndon Greatorex (2016), Kairav Manair (2016-17), Jason Sabetta (2017), Ashley H (2018),
      Ben Negron, Jackson Wallick, Dave Barbetta, Daniel Teodosio, Anthony Sargent (2021)


    • College Credit Internships: Middlesex Community College, Quinnipiac University, Albertus Magnus, University of New Haven, SCSU, Film & Television Sacred Hearty University Graduate Program
    • Wallingford Public Schools Community Service
    • Workforce Alliance Youth Teams: Summer 2014, 2015, 2016, 2018, 2021
    • Abilities programs including PCQworks , ClearWeave Careers and Chapel Haven