Community members oversee the resources of WPAA-TV. Join Us.

Board Vice President Curt Huizenga welcomes Board Member Herb Jackson in as new WPAA-TV President (2019 Annual Mtg)

Board of Directors

    • Herb Jackson – (2024) President
    • Curt Huizenga – (2023) Vice President
    • Cassie Allen (2024) – Secretary/Treasurer
    • Riyad Lahnin (2024)
    • Bruce Conroy (2023)
    • Jeff Kohan (2023)
    • Elaine Gaffney (2022)
    • Helen Hoelck (2022)
    • James (Jim) S Stavris Jr (2022)

Technical Advisors

Community Support Team

  • Susan Adele Huizenga: Executive Director (Full-time Volunteer)LinkedIn
  • Bruce D Haag: Video Consultant Weekly Shows (Former Mission Continues Fellow),  Producer Center Ring
  • Tom Brady: Video Consultant Fire Escape SessionsMusic With Purpose and Human Kind Both
  • Riyad Lahnin: Chief Tech Officer/Youth Team Film Coach
  • Freeman P Quinn: Outreach & User Support Services
  • The anonymous folks behind Freeman P Quinn, 1st

Internships: Our Team Hercules program is designed to meet the personal development goals of each applicant. Together we serve the community. Meet with us. Develop a plan. If the applicant is in a for-credit program, we can work out the approvals with the school or work program agency.

MORE THAN TV: We are a host location for work-skills training and OJT experiences.
Props here from Sona: The WPA gave me a place to learn and grow my knowledge about sound recording. I wouldn’t have gain the necessary experience and guidance I needed to continue with music without my teachers there. The volunteers at the WPA …have worked to give other youths the chance to shine in the musical arts. Here is a project made by one of those youths that goes by the name of Benny FL. Go check it out!

Joining us from Quinnipiac in the fall of 2021: Erin Elizabeth Kulcsar

  • 2020 (Spring) Michael Humowitz Middlesex Community College Film & TV
  • 2020 (Spring) Garrett Alexander Amill Quinnipiac College Communications – Journalism
  • 2020 (Spring) Evann Michael D’Adamo Quinnipiac College Communications – Editing
  • 2020 Liam Bishop Gateway Community College Business Skills & more
  • 2019 (Fall) John Anthony McMahon Quinnipiac College Communications
  • 2019 (Summer) Sona Benham University of New Haven Audio
  • 2018 Anthony Vitale Marist College Communication & Media Video Production & Directing
  • 2018/19 Noah Levesque Dean College Intro to editing
  • 2018 Ashley H Southeastern Employment Services Digital Media
  • 2018 Hallie Tarnawa Greater Hartford Academy of the Arts Lighting & Set Design
  • 2017 Ian Howard Middlesex Community College Film & Directing
  • 2017 Nathan Dean Middlesex Community College Business Skills
  • 2016 -17 Deanna Pedone Sacred Heart Film & Television Video Production & Directing
  • 2016 Anthony Guarino Full Sail University Digital Cinematography
  • 2016 Alan Astromowicz PQCWorks Audio Tech
  • 2016 Elizabeth Tranzillo PQCWorks Graphics & Marketing
  • 2016 Victoria Penczynzyn Middlesex Community College Graphics
  • 2015 Leah Meyers University of New Haven Directing
  • 2014 Colin Babcock Quinnipiac Undergrad Studio Production, Anchor
  • 2014 Cory Schide Marist College Communication Video Editor
  • 2014 Joey Allard Middlesex Community College Video Production Served as WPAA-TV President 2017-18
  • 2013 Scott Sheahen Quinnipiac Graduate News & Reporting
  • ROAR1stDigital Media Assistants:  Neal-Jay Ancheta (2016), Branndon Greatorex (2016), Kairav Manair (2016-17), Jason Sabetta (2017), Ashley H (2018),
    Ben Negron,Jackson Wallick,Dave Barbetta,Daniel Teodosio,Anthony Sargent (2021)


  • College Credit Internships: Middlesex Community College, Quinnipiac University, Albertus Magnus, University of New Haven, SCSU, Film & Television Sacred Hearty University Graduate Program
  • Wallingford Public Schools Community Service
  • Workforce Alliance Youth Teams: Summer 2014, 2015, 2016, 2018, 2021
  • Abilities programs including PCQworks , ClearWeave Careers and Chapel Haven