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FirstAmendmentConstitution-ROAR1st: a youth service to work program with Real Opportunities for Advancing 1st Amendment Rights and become Next Generation Storytellers

Youth Engagement Initiatives
Youth Engagement Initiatives
First Amendment US Constitution
Declare your support for Free Speech #FREEDOMSPEAKS

Who can participate? 

  • Young People Ages 16 to 23
  • Demonstrated ability to use digital media tools
  • Expressed interest in some aspect of media as a profession
  • Ability to work independently
  • Preferred: Prior participation in a WPAA-TV summer program or special project.
  • IMPORTANT: good social skills

How It Works 
Maximum 20 paid hours per month (minimum wage). Program duration 3 consecutive months. Paid hours MUST be preceded by a minimum of 20 hours of Community Service. Candidates with demonstrated abilities can begin paid hours concurrent last 10 hours of Community Service.

This initiative has funding dependencies. 2021 Funding Not Available At This Time Positions and renewals are based on funds availability. Renewal is also performance based. For Example: Paid opportunities are not guaranteed upon completion of Wallingford Youth Services Summer Program participation or completion of High School Community Service.

WPAA-TV is an authorized Community Service location for High School Community Service Hours. We will be happy to provide recommendations to Interns that have demonstrated good work and social skills for future job hunting. More info: click here.

Assignments vary. Be a roving reporter, help cover public events as crew, design graphics, edit video all in support of local nonprofits/civic groups. If interested send email inquiry.

Skill Building
Curated lessons scooped by Freeman are share in FaceBook Group Be The Media.

Learning through Archive Remix Initiative. Finding the stories, what is B-roll, documentary style, permissions, copyright, effects … some of the lessons to be learned.  Videos produced in the Archive Remix process can be found here.

Here is a community story remixed by youth as part of the training.