We Are Wallingford Public Access

Wallingford Public Access Association, Inc. d/b/a WPAA-TV and Community Media Center

Some stories never get old.
Some community stories never get old.

Together we are Community TV in Wallingford.

Join Us for Annual Make Holiday Greeting Rvents
Join Us. Annual ‘Make Holiday Greeting’ Days

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THANK YOU to local businesses that help with discounts.


Put yourself on the map. Be a citizen Media Maker!

Your ideas, passions , VOICE.
Your ideas, your passions, your VOICE.

Corporate Purpose: All manner of support for the creation and distribution of noncommercial community media and fulfillment of responsibilities within related designations associated with managing sufficient resources inclusive of cable access channel(s) to facilitate meaningful community access within the community of Wallingford,CT.  #W06492


  • To operate a community-based media center inclusive of a television studio with community and performance space
  • To provide free or low cost training to the public on media tools and uses
  • To foster awareness of the First Amendment and Free Speech
  • To sustain Community Access TV resources on behalf of the people of Wallingford

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Community Access Provider (CAP)

Wallingford Public Access Association, Inc. (WPAA) is designated as the Community Access Provider (CAP) for the town of Wallingford by the State of Connecticut utility regulators. WPAA is a (501-3(c)) nonprofit organization incorporated in the state of Connecticut as a Public Charity. Our primary business is supporting the creation and sharing of video content as hyper-local Wallingford CT #W06492 television.  Continue reading “Community Access Provider (CAP)”