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What we did immediately in response to the shut-down of non-essential services in CT: March 2020

In March, WPAA-TV’s skeletal volunteer staff maintained our 24 x 7 cablecast schedule for the next 2 years. Remote assignments were planned for the three Quinnipiac University Interns to enable them to meet their graduation requirements. Congrats to Evann, Mike, and Garrett. We discontinued all other work placements and the scheduling of non-essential volunteer activities. Studio production ceased for all talk and performance shows (BG, CR, CM, MM, TK, MwP, Drums, HKB). Equipment loans were extended for individuals to work on projects remotely.

Our 3-Minute Movie Challenges was redesigned to include a coVIDEO Challenge. The Record-Journal shared this as a story. Our 3-Minute Movie challenge criteria changed to accommodate social distancing. We added a 1-shot category for prizes and began providing a cloud editing tool WeVideo in July. 1st.

Busy Differently |Changes in support of Community Users and Viewers

As spiritual communities began using remote platforms, we modified our support to them in our decades-old Same Day Sunday TV cablecasts welcoming Christ Presbyterian Church, Friday Prayers (Islam), and Resurrection (Catholic) Church to our program schedule.

Our program schedule was modified to support MORE at-home learning activities in STEaMc beginning at 5 AM daily, In2languages content was changed daily making it possible to see 3 times more the number of programs per week. Story-time including animated stories and reading of books by librarians and museum curators was added at 4:30 PM on Weekdays. Silver Sneakers level fitness programs were 9:30 AM on weekdays.

Corona Virus Specials provided a global perspective on the pandemic at 5 and 6 PM for 12 minutes. This content is provided by DW.