Team Hercules 2021, Youth and Our Mission

Program | Team Hercules Deploying volunteers successfully requires matching skills and interests with opportunities. Volunteers initially need one-on-one time. Our goal is to have as many as possible achieve some level of independence and ultimately be serving others, or with others. Local youth get to Wear the Paw. Entry into Team Hercules can be via … Continue reading Team Hercules 2021, Youth and Our Mission

Nothing but Evolutionary

2020-21 has been nothing but evolutionary, eclipsing 1965: the bridge in Selma Alabama, the race riots in Watts, The Voting Rights Act, Vietnam War, Medicare, the Gemini Space Program, Mini-skirts and CT imposing a 9% Gross Income Tax on cable companies that was still being adjudicated in 1990. As people gather virtually, there is a … Continue reading Nothing but Evolutionary

Awards, Tech Reboot, Reaffirmation of Hyper-local Mission

It is an honor to be recognized for the work we do with our community. Especially in a year of unprecedented challenges. Later this month, WPAA-TV will receive the Hometown Overall Excellence Award for small public access stations for the second time. A panel of seasoned community media producers judge 20-minute video entries designed to … Continue reading Awards, Tech Reboot, Reaffirmation of Hyper-local Mission

Wallingford Cable Access Provider

In response to 2021 staff changes at WGTV, take action in keeping with our Wallingford Cable Access Provider role in providing Public, Education and Government Access Television in Wallingford. Communication Goals with Town of Wallingford To be open to constructive conversations on how to maintain video service excellence with benefits to viewers and taxpayers. To … Continue reading Wallingford Cable Access Provider